It's safe to say Havok has one goal: 'Thrash 'til death'. These denim and leather-clad metal warriors have quickly released their sophomore album Unnatural Selection. Much like last year's excellent Time is Up, Unnatural Selection finds Havok fast, frantic and damn near flawless. Yes, much on Unnatural Selection will echo elements of Sacrifice, DRI, Slayer, Kreator, and others but phantom lord, can these Denver lads play thrash!


First impressions of Eldkraft will leave many metal heads bewildered and confused as they try to decide whether to stick with, this the band’s first album Shaman. Not because it’s a barrage of noise but because this isn’t exactly your run of the mill metal.

Dark Buddha Rising

Dark Buddha Rising return with another set of difficult to describe, impossible to label repetitive ambient stripped-down kraut shaman drone doom music. "D" at a mere 12 minutes opens the album, an comparatively smooth guitar line howls away, but instead of the usual explosion of sound one’s come to expect, the music actually drifts into a rather minimalist groove. All of the songs, though much doomier, actually receive the same treatment. The second song “K” enters attacking on a low handed bass riff backed by a meandering vocal almost Buddhist chanting.

Church of Misery

It took Church of Misery four years to release their fourth CD titled Thy Kingdom Scum. CoM are a quartet from Japan that combines elements of doom, stoner and NOLA sludge in a fascinating way. They ass to this an incredibly authentic seventies low fuzz feeling that won me over instantly. Foremost I am impressed by the dynamic production that helps this album to develop its sound structures even more.

Blood Ceremony

The Eldritch Dark is a massive album for Blood Ceremony. The album is full of great performances, beautiful writing, and an injection of folk catchiness that the band had only flirted with on prior outings. Do not be afraid though, there is still the classic band at the heart of the album. Still mixing their brand of occult doom with seventies rock elements the band runs through the album without a single note sounding forced or out of place.The driving force behind the band is flutist, organist and singer Alia O' Brien her voice is very important


Were founded in the beginning of the millennium, and Meteor is already their sixth longplayer, and their first one on their new label Selfmadegod Records (Nunslaughter, Agathocles, Cripple Bastards,...) With 29 minutes, this is a rather short affair, but in the band’s history, it is strangely enough one of their longer works.

A Pale Horse Named Death

Formed by former Type O Negative and Life Of Agony drummer/guitarist/vocalist Sal Abruscato, NY, US A Pale Horse Named Death were signed to SPV America in the fall of 2010. Their debut And Hell Will Follow was released in 2011, which was immediately noticed by the international Metal scene. It's now 2013, and A Pale Horse Named Death brand new album, Lay My Soul To Waste is finally here.

Thinning The Herd

Following their debut EP and debut LP, Oceans Rise, founding Thinning The Herd vocalist/guitarist Gavin Spielman recruited a new rhythm section in 2012, bringing bassist Wes Edmonds and drummer Rick Cimato (ex-Locked In A Vacancy) on board.

Templeton Pek

In the 2008 three friends from UK decide to found a band and to play the music they love: swinging safe less skate-hardcore. This was the birth of Templeton Pek. Meanwhile, they have released three full-length CDs and one EP. Main inspirations of Templeton Pek seem to be bands like Rise Against, 30 Seconds from Mars, Ignite and Pennywise. In general their songs are 3-4 minute bursts, fast and full of swinging parts.


I have to admit that when I first heard Chemical Reign I was ready to dismiss it as just another mindless metal release. But after a few listens, this album has really grown on me.


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