ASG hail from North Carolina and have been around for about a dozen years. I am always pleased when an album exceeds my expectations and this one does. Shifting from stoner to metal to blues to effective yet eerie space rock, Blood Drive never gets stuck. Each song is weaved nicely and is chock full of creativity..The musicianship is extremely tight with plenty of killer guitar solos and very impressive vocal harmonies enhanced by the amazing voice of Jason Shi, whose style is very similar to Perry Farrell.

The Lone Crows

The Lone Crows is a US psych blues rock quartet composed of Tim Barbeau - Lead Vox, Guitar; Julian Manzara – Guitar, Andy Battcher - Bass  and Joe Goff – Drums. Musically, this is the basic blues rock formula perfected by Wolfmother, Triggerfinger and Black Keys, a liberal dose of Jimi Hendrix, a pinch of Muddy Waters and flavoured with a whole wild bunch of fantastic guitar solos.

Memory Garden

As the name of this Swedish band implies, Memory Garden are more than a little familiar with Trouble. Memory Garden was found in 1992 in Sweden and have since then released four albums, two of them under the flag of Metal Blade Records Doomain is the fifth album by Swedish doom/heavy metal band Memory Garden.


So Svart’s label heaves themselves upon the occult folk/psych bandwagon and it is a winner. When listening Iron Marsh one it perceives like they expand the barriers of their material , a cunning mixture of psych, folk, medieval, progressive rock and spiritual music whose final result is an unique sound with its unmistakable stamp, and that despite the acoustic guitar presence, the music is not sterile in this area, giving also prominent roles to good ol’ hammond, violin, flute, horns as well as a good range of percussion.


With crushing album after crushing album, somehow multi instrumentalist Munkeby and his blackjazz legion of lethal musicians demand of themselves to kick it up several notches every time they come near a studio.

Buddha Sentenza

Once I started to listen to this album, I could tell there was some talent here. There are tendencies to Colour Haze-like jam a little as well as softer Floydian-moments. The band always plays as a unit, never allowing the solos to become grandiose or detract from the song as a whole. Buddha Sentenza are brimming with musical ability and SWLVR provide a platform on which to display these talents.

Black Star Riders

In October 2012 Thin Lizzy announced that they would not be recording new material under the Thin Lizzy monicker. The last incarnation of the band - Scott Gorham, Brian Downey (replaced by Jimmy DeGrasso), Darren Wharton, Ricky Warwick, Damon Johnson and Marco Mendoza – would be looking to form a new project. Step forward Black Star Riders…

Scorpion Child

For those of you into the works of such bands as Rainbow, Uriah Heep and Led Zeppelin or more recently Rival Sons, Wolfmother and Audioslave comes the latest Nuclear Blast signing, Scorpion Child’s self titled album from this Texas quintet led by frontman Aryn Jonathan Black is knee-deep in 70’s blues psych song structures, beaucoup de fuzz, and groooviness.


Intensive touring within Holland and Belgium and one album release explain why Kadavar are so well known in the Benelux stoner scene. Abra Kadavar, the band’s second album, is a rush of adrenaline throughout its entire duration. This disc finally realizes the potential of Lupus Lindemann – vocals & guitar, Mammut – bass and Tiger – drums on the hauntingly retro sound of the previous album, the band decides to flesh out the sound with a bit more Hawkwind-like space punch.


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