Kings Destroy

Kings Destroy is a new band with former members of Killing Time (famous NYHC band), Uppercut, Electric Frankenstein and Begotten and make pure sludgy riffrock inline with bands like Mos Generator, Spiritu , The Melvins, Goatsnake, Alice Donut and Sunnshine.


Essentially what you get with Colossus is another entry into the world of groove math sludge metal that is already populated by the likes of Baroness, Truckfighters, Black Tusk and Kylesa. While fanatics of that particular little niche might be the ones to get the biggest kick out of Colossus, the overall unoriginality of the album is very unfilling.

Ape Machine

One of the finest labels for those with a liking for 70s influenced style stoner rock is Californian label Ripple Music, whose latest releases (Mos Generator, Grifter, Stone Axe, Devil To Pay, Mothership) maintain the quality and reputation with energy a-plenty.


This is the first full cd release from Purson who hails from UK, and is one of the best and most original contemporary occult female fronted folk psych/prog bands of recent years.


The style is distinctly sludge groove math metal with a ballsy guitar/drum/bass/vocalist line-up. Think of garage Black Tusk inspired screamy metal songs with a very upbeat head-nodding lilt in the standard verse / chorus / solo / verse format. What's more, Howl sport a punk-style attitude/aesthetic yet somehow combine it with a higher degree of metallic accessibility. The band has a strong sense of including hooks and great fuzz leads without sacrificing the grooviness, to quickly grab the listener's attention.


Hailing from France, Hacride is another entry into the alternative metal field. Hacride take sheer musical force and commanding vocals to new heights. Intricate guitar work collides with masterful tempo changes, the rhythmic patterns are furious yet inventive in their splendour. Luiss Roux’ vocals are an additional strongpoint as they fit in with their sound perfectly, but hopefully he will restrain his singing a little bit, less is more.


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