Call Of the Void

Not sure if they're a sludge, crust or grindcore band, Call of the Void decides to be all three at once with their 2013 release Dragged Down A Dead End Path. Musically the disc is complex full. The guitars chop, thrash and wail. The bass and drums lay down an amazing blast beat with the vocals providing a backwash of anger. Call Of the Void sounds as if they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and must create angry bulldozing music for catharsis.


Beissert is one of the many German metal bands that seem to exist to put out angry sounding records that show a lot of brainless stomping furious energy. What holds me back on this album is that there is a sense of exhaustion that builds as the album wears on. The hoarse, screamo-throated metalcore vocals rumble tales of war and destruction, politics and religious sects are delivered sans emotion or melody. It's all pretty standard stuff that's been done before, and done better.

All Them Witches

Our Mother Electricty is nine well penned southern bluesy rocking tunes with emphasis on hooks, melody and soul. Even though most of the album is wrapped up in a contemporary sound All Them Witches contains a vintage vibe. Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Doors are obviously major keystones in this band's approach, considering the psych riffarama structure of many of these songs.

Mascot Parade

The starting point of Mascot Parade music can be found in the grungey stoner genre played by Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Sixty Watt Shaman and Kyuss and also in the savage punishing sonic assaults of High On Fire and Mastodon.

Free Fall

Perhaps the best way to describe the sound of Free Fall is to imagine early AC/DC if they were heavily The Who/Led Zeppelin influenced. If you can imagine that sound, and if you think you'd like it, then this bunch of Swedish rock n’ rollers might be right up your alley. It's pure glamarola with no frills, no edgy alternative angles and no apologies.


No remorse and no regret is carved in the minds of all those taking part of the extreme metal ways of doom/sludge outfit North..

Shai Hulud

It is no secret that Shai Hulud (the worms out of Dune’s novels) are one of US pioneer metalcore bands. Starting in 1995, there have been more than twenty musicians playing in this band, and apart from a longer break between, changing line-ups of the band have recorded albums every five years. Their current CD Reach Beyond the Sun shows Shai Hulud from a surprisingly strong side.


Like I already had expected, the official first album on Nuclear Blast Records is showcasing an improvement over the previous albums. Musically they haven't changed anything, but the songs sound more accessible, more mature and the production also has more crunch to it!  Stylistically they still reside in the NWOBHM and US speed metal of the eighties.

Guns of Glory

Guns of Glory is a Finnish band made up of four young machos releasing their debut record. The album holds nine straightforward rock & roll songs. It is very clear that these guys get inspired by bands as Guns n’ Roses, Motley Crue, Danger Danger, Love/Hate, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo etc. The lyrics are also much straightforward with none of the ideological/political/philosophical themes about anything. They deal only with women, drinking, love/hate relation ships and partying in general.


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