Erik Morren.


In the blessed year of 1970, a festival was held at the Isle Of Wight, to which around 600.000 people

attended.  You might call it a UK version of Woodstock if you like.  The bands that played were very

diverse, ranging from Jimi Hendrix, to The Doors, hell even Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell  

were there.

One of the bands that played on that festival was Irish band Taste, which featured the late Rory

Gallagher as frontmen.  I guess only people of my age, or slightly younger, might remember this great


It seems that once again, Stratovarius has managed to deliver us a good album. Their 16th studio

album so far,  since their formation in 1984.  They did a tour to promote this new album, which also

brought them to Belgium, at the Biebop.

They still play power metal, but it seems they have gone back to their earlier sound.  This also implies

you don’t have to expect new gimmicks on this album, it’s good, old fashioned Stratovarius stuff, with

the o so familiar Timo Tolkki vocals., which you either hate, or love. And once again I’m flabbergasted

Black Stone Cherry

What an ignorant fool I’ve been.  I never ever had listened to Black Stone Cherry before having to

review this DVD and upon the first notes I heard, I regretted having been so stupid to ignore this band


Now as to why I ignored them completely ?  I really don’t know.  Of course you don’t get to hear them

on the radio that often, if ever at all,  Yet they were already founded in 2001, and were on Roadrunner

Records until recently.  So far they’ve released four studio albums, with a new album ‘Kentucky’

Yvon Serré

Id never ever heard of this man before, and when I put this CD on, my first thoughts were that he must originate from Louisiana – USA, as his French had a strange English sound.  But the I started gathering more information and found out he’s actually from Toronto – Canada, although he was born in Ontario. While not bringing us bad music, it’s funny to hear the lyrics, if you’re used to hear regular French.  The music itself, well, it has a bit of Cheap Trick in it I guess, but also other influences.


I knew this band existed, but had never heard any work of them before, despite the fact they have


To be honet, I’ve about had it with live albums from Yes.  Haven’t they earned enough money yet ?  Since 2005 they’ve managed to release a live album about every two years, some with recent recordings, some with what I’d dare to call ‘prehistoric’ material,   If they continue doing this, I guess we’re in for a new record every two years for the next thirty years to come.

The V

Assisted by a score of big names in our music genre, like Michael Sweet (Stryper), Jeff Pilson (Dokken), Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) and a whole list of other artists, this is the first solo album by Veronica Freeman, frontwoman of heavy metalband Benedictum.

Signum Regis

This band exists since 2007.  At that time their vocalist was none other than Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen) with whom they recorded their first, self-titled album in 2008.  Their second album was also sung by Mr. Edman, but on their third album they employed the services of a score of singers.  Since early 2014 Mayo Petranin is their new vocalist, an unfamiliar name to me, but he’s been singing in Castaway and Dirty Game, two completely unknown bands for me.


Saga is a Canadian rock band that has been around for some forty years or so, who over that period have released 21 studio albums if I’m correct.  It is however not one of my preferred bands, although they have some good songs.


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