Nick Tronckoe.

Sister Sin

Sweden has always been the breeding ground of many great metal bands. One that has been taken from under the dust is the female fronted rock 'n roll band Sister Sin. Ten years ago, they released their debut record, called Dance Of The Wicked. But as the band didn't get the success they deserved back then, the American label Victory Records decided to re-release the album.

Kowloon Walled City

I wonder if there is something like brutal panda bears, but according to Brutal Panda Records, this is a perfectly plausible combination. They released the first record of the San Francisco based band Kowloon Walled City. The band's name refers to the walled city of Kowloon in Hong Kong, a refugee where mobs, prostitutes, criminals and all other sorts of outcasts hided from the government.

Thirty Seconds To Mars

At first, people didn't really want to take Thirty Seconds To Mars from Los Angeles seriously, just because they had the actor, Jared Leto, behind the microphone. So lots of people thought that success would come without any effort. Those people quickly changed their opinion when the band proved to make rock music like it had never been heard before. The Kill was their breakthrough song, but after that, many more followed.

Abnormal Thought Patterns

Abnormal Thought Patterns from California is the newest sensation in the world of instrumental heavy music. Although the band's name doesn't immediately ring a bell, twin brothers Jasun (guitar) and Troy Tipton (bass) along with Mike Guy (drums) were the back bone of Zero Hour. That band released five records in the 90's and was proclaimed to be one of the best progressive metal bands of that time.


Although NVRVD (or Never Void) have already released three studio albums and one EP, they don't immediately ring a bell. Coma is the title of their fourth record and this might be the 'breakthrough' album for these three Swiss. They will release this album through Hummus Records, the label of The Ocean guitarist Jonathan Nido.


Terror, hailing from Los Angeles and Richmond, has been around for ten years now and can easily be considered as the hardest working band around: five studio albums, side projects such as Down To Nothing and Donnybrook and countless tours around the world later, they're ready to unleash a new masterpiece.
After the release of the excellent record Keepers Of The Faith, expectations were high.

Heaven Shall Burn

The undisputed German kings of metalcore are without any doubt Heaven Shall Burn. After fifteen years, they're still going strong and to prove that, they've just released their brand new studio album, called VETO.
The first thing that immediately comes to mind while listening to the album, is that everything sounds so clear and solid. Of course Tue Madsen must have had something to do with that as he's been working together with Heaven Shall Burn since the very beginning.


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