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Deez Nuts

In 2005, one of the most influential metalcore bands, I Killed The Prom Queen, decided to call it quits. Drummer JJ Peters started killing time by writing new music and recording every single instrument himself. The result was the Rep Your Hood EP by the Australian hardcore band Deez Nuts.

Bleed From Within

In 2009, the Glasgow guys in Bleed From Within were quite fast compared to Bring Me The Horizon. Perhaps because their singer looks a bit like Oli Sykes. Well, those people drew conclusions a bit too fast, as Bleed From Within turned out to be a solid new band, being part of the NWOBHM. They stand up in a world taken over by pop music and easy rock songs.

Streetlight Manifesto

Streetlight Manifesto from New Jersey will release their fifth studio album in five years, proving that it's a band that really works hard to make a name for themselves. After having done the entire 2012 Vans Warped Tour and an American headlining tour, they are ready to present The Hands That Thieve to the audience.


While the German guys in Storyteller are just about to blow out their very first birthday candle, they release there very first record, containing three songs, called Take Me Home.

Madison Affair

Nowadays, if you really want to discover some new bands, you really have to be open-minded. Lots of bands don't see the big deal when it comes to adding electronic elements to their music, such as keyboards. Madison Affair is no different and on their new 7", simply called MMXIII, they released four brand new songs which sound very brutal and bright at the same time. Just give the first song, Sound In My Head, a listen and you'll understand what I mean.


In their biography, German hardcore band Bloodattack says, although their keynote is based in hardcore punk, they wanted to insert their metal roots in their music.

Black Sound Empire

Black Sound Empire is a post metal band from Italy. Although they already started four years ago, in 2009, they've only just released their first full length record, called Sisma. During those four years, they focused on live performances, which stood 'in the way' of releasing a debut album. Sisma is that reward they truly deserve after all those years of hard work.

Snow White's Poison Bite

A few years ago, Finland was the very first country who sent a metal band to the Eurovision Song Contest and won. That band was Lordi. Known for their catchy hard rock songs and monster costumes, they shocked the music industry throughout Europe and beyond. Another band from Finland which will definitely do the same is Snow White's Poison Bite.

Off The Hook

Off The Hook from Berlin, Germany has been around for a bit more than four years and has already released 2 EPs and one full length, The Walk, to be released this year through Let It Burn Records.
Off The Hook is all about energy, which is already proven from the title track on. It's clear that the Germans haven't invented something new, but the thing they do, they do very well.

Various Artists: Keep Our Heads

The DIY record label Eolian Empire (a side-label of Earsplit Records) is back after some years of silence and is about to release their most ambitious record to date: a compilation record covering 26 underground bands from their area, called Keep Our Heads. The compilation contains all rock and metal genres, from doom to rock to thrash to hardcore and to many more guitar oriented genres.


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