Patrick Meuris.

The Bunny The Bear

Third full length release by this eclectic duo,  who mix up some heavy riffs backed up by a lot of prorgamming , clean vocals (by the bunny) and screams by surprise surprise ‘the bear”.  Musically The bunny the bear present us bubblegum pop spiced up with some heavy guitars, on some of the songs thisworks rater well like on the title track “ food chain” or “ so smooth so appealing” but just as often it goes teeibly wrong like on “Pale green eyes”…..

John Garcia

Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano,Vista Chino, All these bands have singer John Garcia in common, and still despite this list of bands, he will forever be remembered in the first place for being part of KYUSS, the band who put this genre called desert/stonerrock on the map.

Death Penalty

It had been rumoured for a while , Gaz Jennings of Cathedral fame, hooked up with some members of Belgium’  doom cult heroes Serpentcult (singer Michelle Nocon and drummer Fredrik Cosemans) and an album was in the works….. A single released earlier this year already gave us an insight in things to come….

High Spirits

To be honest I thought this was yet another rerelease of an obscure NWOBHM band, something HRR has somewhat built up a reputation with…. But no as it turns out High Spirits is the project of a certain Chris Black… it seems Mr.Black  must have a deep love for the early 80’s hardrock and metal scene as “You are here”, is 9 tracks of pure  nostalgia, at least if lIke me you’re well over forty, closer to 50…..


There was a time that Victory Records was at the fore front of the hardcore and punkrock scene…. Since a while now the label is also home to a vast number “modern –nu- metal “ bands,  Emmure being one of the bigger names in the genre…. Eternal nightmare is the 4 full length of this NY Queens based band. So what’s on offer…. Not a lot I dare say, just as many other bands in the same niche, there  is the stop and go riffing, the samples, the obligatory distorted vocals and a solid production.

Corrosion Of Conformity

Second release of COC after a while on hiatus whilst Pepper Keenan is living it up with DOWN… I ‘ve been listening several times to this album and unfortunately I cannot get myself to really appreciate it..  Production wise it’s obvious that together with Pepper also a decent recording budget went…  (it’s  really a shame how Reed Mullin’s drums are sounding like a someone hitting cardboard boxes and sheetmetal whatevers instead of his well known  hammering …. ).

A Hill To Die Upon

A HILL TO DIE UPON,  describe  themselves as a  blackened deathmetal band, I can add to that that they are a Christian Blackened deathmetal band, and even in today’s scene that’s still a rather the exception to the rule.

English Dogs

The  early days of English Dog go back to the very early 80’s, when they were an exponent for a style of punk which started to show some moderate metallic influences something they shared with GBH and Discharge.  As years went on English Dogs  choose to opt for a more metal approach as where the aforementioned other examples opted to stick to there punk roots….,In all fairness I believe that would possibly have the better choice for English Dogs as well….  Fact being that as the more they headed into the di


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