Patrick Meuris.


Blaze, not be confused with  the once  Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden,  and  Blaze  main man Blaze Bayley, no sir  no,  these 4 youngsters hail from Japan, and  with the EP  the rock dinosaur  they provide us a really good slab of very old school hard rock/ Metal,  in  this case not so much  influenced by  the known  NWOBHM stars of the early 80 ear like  Maiden,  Saxon or Priest,  but rather   influenced by UFO, old scorpions and MSG.


According  to the Bio  “Serpent”  is a  German band  built around  two individuals  also known as Vent & Tongue. Apparently it’s ther aim to rejoy the world with NWOBHM styled metal in the tradition of “Satan” and “ Blitzkrieg” and is “Possessed by night” an enhanced re-release of their demo. Well actually it reads better then it sounds…….


Sweden and desert rock a match made in heaven……  Dozer, Greenleaf, Spiritual Beggers, to name a few besides Truckfighters..   “UNIVERSE” is the 4 th full length of these dudes, and what an album this is……  I dare say that calling “Universe”  a stonerrock  release  is a actually  labelling the band which something they have at least partially  outgrown…. Outgrown in a positive manner that is.


Salem .. one of those names that might sound familiar with those metal heads who have a more than average interest in NWOBHM.


Long gone are  the days that  an Italian Metal album was a rarity,  these days not a week seems to go by without yet another Italian release. This time it’s Pleonaxia, if I look at the meaning of the word Pleonexia,  I am told it’s “the insatiable desire to have what rightfully belongs to others“…..


Sparta  a  NWOBHM band who’s history goes back to  1979! decided to record a new album  after  a successful re-release of their old  ( obscure) stuff via the HIGHROLLER RECORDS LABEL.  Begs the question if this was a good idea….. I would say yes and no…..


The X experiment” is according to  the band based on and I quote  “a great futuristic concept, a modern fantastic story set in a post-nuclear world where chaos reigns and humanity does not believe in anything…a story that will further develop in the next album ,   all in an epic /progressive power metal, fashion.

Dawn Heist

Grooving  Modern high tech influenced  Aussie quintet deliver  us with "Catalyst” their  2nd  full length  album… samples, synth’s , staccato riffs and  alternating  clean and grunt ( ish) vocals. That what a  lot of   nowadays   groove – dare I say- NU bands stand for and that’s what  Dawn Heist stands for.  On  “Catalyst” there  are no  songs which  could be  described as  crap,   but –unfortunately - at the same time  there is also not one track which I would describe as memorable.


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