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Gosh, a band from Panama-City (you know, the capitol city of Panama, situated on both sides of the Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean?), that's certainly something which doesn't come along every day! Which might explain why I found no extra info on the Progressive Power Metal band, other that that which they sent along with the download promo of the album (info which can also be found on their website), so I guess we'll have to make due with that, eh?

Swine Overlord

Back in December 2011, guitarist/ bassist Will Peplinski (see also Omnipresent, Reeferhead, Necrosectomy, Clitoral Putrescence and Breast Ripper) and a close friend of his started a novelty band project under the name Malignant Abomination. It however soon turned into something more serious, and becoming Will's solo project, was renamed Hypoxid.


Darn, the life of a music journalist is an odd one : waiting around for those couple of rare releases which make one sit at the edge of the seat...and then having to let go to move on to more of those middle-of-the-road releases which make up the bulk of music put out into the world today.


2009, the provincial town of Gorlovka (40 km from Donetsk) in the Ukraine. A depressive industrial setting, where a population of 240,000 people are trying to survive on the remains of the Soviet era. It's in that setting that 5 Metal-hungry youngsters decide to start a band of their own, playing their favourite music, but influenced by the great variety of alternative bands that had always been around in their town's Underground scene.

Infection Code

Wow...I recently mentioned that this reviewer stays in his voluntary (and therefore quite un-paid) side-job for the sole benefit of encountering the music of bands which come by only every once in a blue moon, those who manage to create albums which grab me from the get-go, and have me hold on until the final notes. Sometimes this happens with bands which have only been around for a couple of years only, but occasionally this reviewer comes across bands which have been in existing for much longer, and already have several releases to their credit!

Hortus Animae

With the release of Secular Music through hystoric British record label Flicknife (think of Hawkwind!), the Italian Progressive/ Gothic Black Metal act Hortus Animae effectively ends a near 9-year hiatus of studio releases.

Hard Riot

This riff-oriented Modern Hard Rock (they add Thrash Metal elements to their Hard Rock based music) act from the town of Heilbronn (Baden-Württemberg) in Germany, was founded in 2006 by a foursome of friends sharing a same passion for hard rockin' music.


This studio project was started back in 2008 by bassist Peter G. Shallmin of the Siberian band Kamlath, his vision being an all-encompassing Progressive Metal audio/visual experience.

Darkness Divided

Darkness Divided is a Christian Metalcore band which originated as a worship act at church youth retreats, where Gerard Mora (lead unclean vocals), Christopher James Mora (guitar & backing unclean vocals) and Joseph Mora (bass) played songs in the Jeremy Camp and Third Day style.


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