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Alright, let's do a quickie...that's what I thought yesterday evening, before picking up the info I'd gathered about this Gothic Metalcore act from Schwarzenfeld, in the Bavarian region of Germany, and realizing I had a bigger job ahead of me than I'd reckoned for.


My goodness! Even though this Osaka based Japanese outfit only released its debut EP in 2009, and can therefore still be seen as a relatively young band, I'm still wondering slightly why I'd never heard of this wacky collective before!


This Australian Metalcore act was founded in 2008 by frontman Michael Crafter, following his farewell tour with I Killed The Prom Queen (other bands he'd been in, were Carpathian and Bury Your Dead). Guitarist/ backing vocalist Dan Brown, from fellow Melbourne Hardcore Punk act 50 Lions, was the first to be enlisted, with guitarist Adam Harris, bassist Borgs and drummer Matthew Owens following soon after.


Based in Athens near Atlanta, Georgia, this band was formed in 2006 as a quintet including vocalist Jimmy Baldwin, guitarists Robert Sullivan and Bryan Aiken, bassist Sean Pfeiffer and then-drummer Mathius. They soon recorded and released their demo Demo-Lition, and enjoyed local success as a gleefully violent Metal act within the skeptical microcosm of the then-reigning Indie Rock scene.


Following taking home the title of “Best Rock Record” at the Indie Music Channel Awards two years in a row, as well as wins in the categories “Best Young Rock Artist”, “Best Rock Recording”, “Best Music Video” for her single “Impossible”, and the coveted title of “Teen Artist Of The Year”, 17-year female Rocker Diamante (who's just this year exploded onto the Rock scene in Hollywood), is NOT what this review is about!

Wallner / Vain

Following the self-release of their debut album Will Wallner & Vivien Vain in early Summer 2012, guitarist Will Wallner and singer Vivien Vain found Polish label Metal Mind Productions willing to release that album officially in October of the same year...and we at ConcreteWeb were sent a copy of the original, of which a review (by yours truly) was eventually posted on 13/03/2013 in a Two Side Moon Promotions special.

Kingfisher Sky

Huh...Kingfisher Sky...I knew I'd come across this Dutch Gothic/ Progressive Rock/ Metal band before, but upon checking my past activity sheet I found out that I didn't do a review of either of the band's previous two albums. Ah well, why don't we go over the band's history first then, shall we?

Hell City

Hey, hey...4 years after having been exposed to this Belgian Heavy Metal band for the first time (at the opportunity of the release of their debut EP Here Comes The Sin, a review for which was posted on 10/03/2010), I find myself back in good company, the composition of which however changed somewhat over time!

A Liquid Landscape

Huh...I could've sworn that I had come across this Dutch Alternative/ Prog Rock band before, or at least that the band's debut album had come through the ConcreteWeb headquarters, because somehow the album's cover art looks so familiar to me. But a little research learned me that this was not so. Ach well, let's look into the band history then, shall we?


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