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't Was in the spring of 2007, when 5 members (more specifically, lead singer Masato David Hayakawa, lead guitarist Yokochi Y.K.C”, rhythm guitarist/ backing singer Kazuya SugiSugiyama, bassist Ryo RxYxOShimizu and drummer Katsuma Minatani) of two Nagoya based Japanese bands (that having been mentioned, you have no more reason to mistake this band for the Moberly, Missouri based Atmospheric Metal act which released it

Black Sachbak

Hah...ain't that Internet community a wonderful thing? I mean, this next review could not have been done, if it wasn't for the Indian webzine Transcending Obscurity putting our attention to the release. Well, it might've somehow come to us anyway, but I wanted to take on the opportunity to fully thank the webzine's publisher, Kunal Choksi!


Casket Music/ Copro Records catch-up, part euh...four (for details, see review David J Caron, posted a couple of weeks ago – with an apology from my part for not following the first parts more swiftly, but conditions at work were just too hectic and demanding, and I even suffered a short illness)!


Occasionally, I have a tough time finding a way to start up a review, and in those instances I often find it best to creatively re-write whatever text comes with the info sheet provide by the, here goes!

Luke Fortini

And...Casket Music/ Copro Records catch-up, part five (for details, see David J Caron review posted a couple of weeks ago)!

Although Luke Fortini (actual name Luca) is presented to us here as an individual artist, he is not an unwritten entity within his country's musical community, from which he's even gone international playing guitar in Paul Di'Anno's band from 2002 to 2005 (playing many gigs allover Europe).

Kap Kap

Holy won't believe this, but I was quite incapable of finding any info what-so-ever about this Helsinki-based 5-headed Experimental Rock act, meaning that the only info I can give you comes straight from the short info sheet we got along with the download promo copy of the album.

Guilty As Charged

Aha...Belgium, Heavy Metal and Thrash as elements which combine wonderfully well in the mind of our editor-in-chief...and I guess that's why he trusted the review of this West Flanders based quartet's debut full-length onto my relatively capable shoulders? Well, at least I always give things my best shot. So, let's start by checkin' out this band's history, shall we?

Birth A.D.

This Austin, Texas based band was started as an “unrelated” side-project by Averse Sefira members Jeff Tandy (bass & lead vocals from its formation until its demise) and Mark Perry (drums in that band since 2001) in 2008 in an effort to revive the Crossover Thrash Metal genre in a legitimate fashion, although Tandy at the same time also stated that Birth A.D. was never meant as a full-time act.

Romy Conzen

You know, it's amazing how, even in a small country like our own little Belgium, some albums can be laying around in stores for quite a while, before the media pick up on it. This very record came to our editor-in-chief through the help of a friend, whom felt the need to help out the artist somewhat. Well, let's look at what's in store here, shall we?


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