Tony Holemans.

1000 Mods

When looking for info on any specific band, it's always better to check out different sources, as some may contradict each other, or simply lack the info needed to make a full picture. Failing better explanations, I'll assume that this originally Chiliomodi based (should be in the Korinthia/ Peloponnese region) band was originally founded in 2005, but was either known under a different name at that time, or re-invented itself (that possibly involving a line-up change) in the 2006 Summer.


Even without the label telling us so (in the info sheet accompanying the promo download of the album), one would realize that Norway's Oslo-based Tusmörke (Norwegian for “twilight”) is somewhat of an oddity, especially when listening to the band's music after having been apprised of the fact that they do not have a guitarist among them! The band's history also has an odd twist to it, by the way!


Following a premiere on 25/09/2006, American broadcasting company NBC ran a television series entitled Heroes for 4 seasons (total of 77 episodes), in which actor Zachary Quinto played the role of a serial killer with supernatural powers, killing others with such superpowers in order to add those to his own.

Super Fun Happy Slide

I seem to remember an episode of the popular cartoon series The Simpsons, in which Homer travels about the USA with the famed festivals tour Lollapaloosa as a performing artist catching a cannon ball with his stomach. If I ain't mistaken, the “super fun happy slide” (nothing more than making a belly slide through mud, really – something first documented and later televised in footage from the famous first Woodstock festival) was introduced in that same episode.

Plain Ride

In reviews of albums by the Finnish Circle, I already mentioned the prolific career of that band's leader/ bassist, and touched on the other members' activities...and I am therefore quite happy to finally be able to go into the “extra-curricular” activities of singer, guitarist Janne Westerlund whom, besides playing in Circle, is also known from Pharaoh Overlord, Chainsmoker, Sweetheart, and Plain Ride, which he started as far back as 2004!

Hundred Waters

My first thought when I listened to this band's sophomore full-length was “Whàt kind of freaking weird thing is THIS?”! A sound drenched in electronics without any apparent guitar in the mix at all, and the wackiest of vocal signatures I've ever head...I decided there and then to not listen again until I had been able to get some info on the band (something which the label completely omitted to provide me with : the info sheet only gives data on the release, and the tracks held within!).


Hailing from Ouro Preto in Brazil, composer/ singer/ keyboardist Guilherme de Alvarenga came up with the idea to mix Classical Music's composition techniques (such as motif development and thematic unity) with melodic Death Metal, while attending music college in 2009.

The Hate Colony

This Trondheim based Norwegian fivesome going under the nicknames of Lord Mordor (lead singer), T-Bag Joe (guitars), Big Truck (guitars), Sars The Virus (bass), and El Nigardo (drums) have chosen to separate themselves from the typical choice of musical direction which Norwegian bands usually take, going for an exhilarating Metalcore, in stead of the usual Black Metal.

Ashes You Leave

No, no, not a new release by this Croatian band, but a re-issue of their 2009 album. Don't ask me what the reason of the re-issue is, because I don't know, and whether those reasons have an artistic backing or are simply inspired by commercial greed, I couldn't are less really, because after all it brought the band to our attention.


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