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I was really surprised when I opened my mailbox and saw there was a new Volture album came my way. 2012 wasn’t a easy year for the band around Ryan Waste (Municipal Waste) and guitarplayer Nick Poulos (Cannabis Corpse). Their label had to quit due some problems, their vocalist quitted after the European tour and after that tour there where only depts left. But now on the start of the new year fresh material is ready.

Black Magic

Well, where do I have to start with this one? Black Magic is a NWOBHM band that started in 2006 and already split- up in 2012. Now two years later, High Roller Records came out with their full length album Wizard’s Spell , counting five new numbers and the songs that where previous released on their Reap Of Evil demo in 2010.

Steel Prophet

To celebrate the anniversary of the ‘The Goddess Principle’ album that came out in 1995, Pure Steel Records will do a rerelease of the album.

Steel Prophet is an American power metal band that started in 1983 and still goes strong. A few months ago the band released a statement the they’re very busy on writing new songs but in the meantime their recordlabel comes with this release.

Dead Lord

Dead Lord are a new band from Stockholm, Sweden and the first I can tell you is that the portrait of hard rock from the ’70s is the music of “Goodbye Repetance” for today. Don’t expect anything else apart from pure hard rock. Whoever had a taste of their 7″ EP “No Prayers Can Help You” could realize that the band loves Thin Lizzy and honestly the most guitar parts of the album are like a tribute to them on a way to thank them for what they have offered in music.

Bleed From Within

Three years on from “Empire”, Bleed From Within completed by guitarists Martyn Evans and Craig Gowans and bassist Davie Provan, are finally ready to launch their next album ‘Uprising’ on the metal world.


Never give up, that’s what the German band WolfsMoon must have thinking. After 21 years and 6 albums the band is back with their 7 album ‘Curse The Cult Of Chaos’. Drummer Andreas and guitar player Gerd are the strength behind the band. Like a lot of band WolfsMoon plays typical American power metal with some thrash influences. Number …., I lost the count a few years ago!

The Defiled

The Defiled are a five piece Britisch industrial metal band from London, England mixing groove-laden hardcore/metal with electronic influences. The band formed in 2005, and quickly embarked a number of tours early in their careers including their second, entitled "The Black Death Tour" climaxing in a sold out London show at the Underworld. These gigs have earned the band a reputation for their energetic and chaotic live shows. Earlier this year the band came with a live album called ‘Grave Times Live’ named after their first full album ‘Grave Times’.


Wow, and I taught I heard everything? Now wait till you hear Skinflint of Africa. This 3 piece heavy metal comes band out Botswana. Not a big country know as metalminded. After releasing two full albums ‘Massive Destruction’, ‘IKLWA’. After two years of silence the band is back with their third album. ‘Dipoko’ contains nine songs that are pretty good.


After the vinyl rereleases of “Victims Of the Night” and “No One Gets Out”, Pure Steel Records just rereleased the Halloween album “Horror Fire” on vinyl. This album was originally released on the band’s private label Motor City Metal Records and will now be released on double vinyl, limited to 500 copies.


Their 2009 movie documentary The Story Of Anvil had made the band famous over the world, following seemingly endless years of energy- sapping tours. Their albums are considered as landmarks among a musical genre. Their most recent release “Juggernaut Of Justice” from 2011, was a powerfull and unrelenting thunderbolt of the first order. Now this Candian cult metal act are back with their new recording “Hope In Hell”.


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