Vic Van den Abeele.

V8 Wankers

Got Beer? This is the standard question at a festival like Munich’s Oktoberfest. After all what would a tour of the beer tent be like without that quaffable barly pop? And what would it be like without music. Some may call for a brass band or German pop music, but what if you happen tob e into rock ’n roll, dirty jokes and noisy guitar riffs? In that case, V8 Wankers are your best bet! Their latest album Got beer? is pure- bred rock ’n roll, complete with a snotty punk attitude and a brilliant sense of humor.

Freedom Call

After 7 recordings, a live dvd and some live recordings it’s time for a best of from Freedom Call’s best songs they made in fifteen years This album got the name Ages of Light. The band around Chris Bay toured a lot with bands like Edguy, Blind Guardian and Hammerfall.

A Pale Horse Named Death

The first time we’ve heard from this band, A Pale Horse Named Death, was in 2011. Former drummer of Type O Negative, Life Of Agony, Sal Abruscato started this band. He has been hiding three things for us a long time; that he can play guitar, that he’s a pretty good vocalist and that he can write songs.

Sal Abruscato and Matt Brown have followed 2011’s incredible introduction, which keeps the band’s patented signature formula of slow, deliberate sludge and head- down doom in tact.


Kamelot are one of those symphonic power metal bands that loads of people seem to enjoy as they have rather progressive song writing and skip the overloaded elements. After the criticized predecessor “Poetry For The Poisoned” that had many dull moments and a lack of passion and variation, the band’s Norwegian singer Roy Khan left the band and was soon replaced by another Scandinavian singer, the young Tommy Karevik from Sweden. Many people were expecting a return to strength. But this didn’t happened.


Damn, I lost my count, but who didn’t? Since the band came out in 1984 with “In The Sign Of Evil” it was always on top of the four big teutonic thrash metalbands.

Kingdom Come

Kingdome Come is a German / American band formed in 1987 by Lenny Wolf, German origin. The bran new “Outlier” is the band's new material since 2009, when their last album “Magnified”, was released. ”Outlier” has again became a very special album, that fans will love.

Opener “God Does Not Sing Our Song”, has a profound atmosphere, created by the rhythm section. “The Trap is Alive” has great bass lines with AC/DC type of riffs.

My Soliloquy

My Soliloquy is a British band formed in 2002 by multi-instrumentalist Pete Morten. Since then the band has released a number of demos, gaining traction in the metal underground. The band had a number of notable support shows for Pagans Mind and Threshold. Since 2007, Morten has been an active member of British prog metal legends Threshold. His membership had raised awareness for My Soliloquy’s long awaited debut.

Bud Tribe

With “Eye Of The Storm” the Italian band Bud Tribe comes out with their third album. The sound is still old- school heavy metal, melodica land sure aggressive at the same time.


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