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From the Greek side of Cyprus the band Astronomikon tries to conquer the world. Musicians from the other quite know band Arrayan Path founded this group in 2008 and released a first demo tape in 2010. “Dark Gorgon Rising” is their debut album and for some reasons it reminds at the famous Crimson Glory debut. It are not the vocals, but probably the feeling which is quite similar. Heavy, powerful with some keys surrounded by phatastic guitar leads.

Voodoo Circle

German melodic hard rock/metal band Voodoo Circle is back with their third album, titled “More Than One Way Home”. Voodoo Circle is, of course, the side project of former Silent Force (and current Primal Fear) guitarist Alex Beyrodt, who is joined by vocalist David Readman (Pink Cream 69), bassist Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner), drummer Markus Kullmann (Dezperadoz) and keyboardist Jimmy Kresic (Kiske/Somerville).


The Greek Valor was formed in 2002 and two years later released their first mini-cd “The Nameless One” which received high praises from international underground media. In 2008 came the band’s first full length album “Destiny’s Path”.

Their third album “The Yonder Answer” is again the result of an intensive collaborative effort between all band members the result of which is an album full of melody and passion.


Paganland was founded in 1997 by Ruen and Bilozor in Lviv, an Ukrainian city. The natural mysricism hidden in the Carpathian’s greatness, the dense woods, and pure mountain sources could not but affect musicians with a pagan outlook (or what did you think with the name Paganland). Therefore, Paganland’s debut demo “Gods Of Golden Circle” an the demo “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, one way or another, had been related to the pagan metal.


Originally known as Dungeon, the band began in the arid desert of the Australian Outback, home of Mad Max- The Road Warrior, and hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest major city. This isolation proved to be no obstacle, however, and the band recorded a demo that received glowing reviews in music magazines across the country.

Fatal Impact

Fatal Impact’s humble birth was around a decade ago. The band hit stages all around Norway with their forceful, pounding, dark yet illuminating music. The band released their self-debut album “Law Of Repulsion” in 2008.

The album begins mid-tempo numbers like “Where the Alders Grow” and “Silent December” are slightly boring. “End Time Theater” includes bright shredding solos, “The Blind Man’s Eye” is very heavy and aggressive song.


While our world’s feverish impatience has been the undoing of many hopeful rock band, Psychopunch are among its most consistent and stalwart quantities. During the 14 years of their career to date, this Swedisch punkrock act has wowed countless clubs and festivals.

Since 1999, Psychopunch have brought out nine regular albums, as well as a number of EP’s, singles, split releases and videos. Their tenth studio album ‘Smakk Valey’ has again that typical sound of full throttle and diversity, toughness and melodies. Simplicity and complexity.


The last thing we’ve heard of Neara was their fifth album ‘Forging’ The Eclipse’ in 2010. The years after where very busy. They shared the stage with Parkway Drive, System Of A Down,… They were honored to be chosen by German Metal Hammer magazine to contribute a cover version of Metallica’s “Through The Never” to the bonus cd of the magazines ‘Black Albem 20 years anniversary’.


The Barbe-Q-Barbies from Finland just came out with their first album ‘Breaking All The Rules’. When I saw the cover and the name of this band I didn’t know what to expect. But after a few listening I as impressed.

These girls are bringing us raw vocals, catchy lines and actually a well album. The guitar work is grungy and solid, with some bluesy touches. Granted no blistering solos, but great nonetheless.

Fans of AC/DC, Queens Of The Stone Age and Motorhead should check this band out.

Lost Society

17,18,19, 19. No, that’s not today’s lottery numbers, but the age of the band members of Finland’s most promising newcomer combo. Founded early 2010 by thrash/ speed metal enthusiast Samy Elbanna.

The band decided even after a few years to take part in the word- renowned GBOB (Global Battle Of The Bands). After they had won the preliminary decision round in their hometown.


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