Vic Van den Abeele.

Alpha Tiger

Alpha Tiger from Germany are the living proof for the fact that traditional heavy metal does not necessarily need to be created by elderly people. With their second album ‘Beneath The Surface’ this five young guys kicking rusty rockers out of their wheelchairs.

Thoroughly much celebrated shows at German cult festivals Keep It True and Rock Hard Festival the band became one of German’s hottest heavy metal newcomers. Due to epic compositions, catchy hooks and the powerfull voice of Stephan Dietrich the band succeeded in living up to the positive feedback.

Deep Machine

After 31 years, this NWOBHM band Deep Machine returned to the studio to record three new tracks Old favourites like the updated version of ‘Iron Cross’ and ‘Killer’ and one brand new song ‘Whispers In The Black’ that was written by Lenny.

Crimson Cult

Crismon Cult are an Austrian band, that has existed partly for serveral years under the names Stygma IV/ Stigmata and Big Heat. In 2008, Günter Maier (guitars) and Alexander Hilzensauer (bass) have formed the new band and have added new members on vocals (Walter Stüfer) and Peter Bachmayer on drums. In 2009 they released their- debut-album ‘Crimson Cult’. Now they will release their second album ‘Tales Of Doom’ on the Pure Legends Records- label.

Tainted Nation

Formed by Pete Newdeck (drummer at Eden’s Curse) and Ian Nash. After successfully writing an array of hard hitting music, they quickly enlisted the enthusiastic drummer Mark Cross (Firewind, Helloween). Cross was so impressed by the vocal ability of drummer Newdeck, he booked into a studio for the album F.E.A.R.


After seven years of silence, Axehammer have finally released their second full- length called “Marching On”. This album was produced by Bill Metoyer, whose privilege was to record classics such as Slayer, Sacred Reich, Flotsam And Jetsam end Fates Warning.

Disarm Goliath

Disarm Goliath is a band from England, who released their first full-length-album “Only The Devil Can Stop Us” in 1999. At the beginning of this year they released their second album “Born To Rule” on their own private label. Now Pure Steel Records have decided to make a vinyl-edition of this heavy metal album.


These days NWOBHM is alive and kicking in their homeland Japan. Blaze, from Osak, formed in 1998 tries to ring everything the original movement stand for. Fast guitarwork, simple drumbeats, …

This album came out in their own country a few years ago but back in the days the band didn’t had a label to promote them over here in Europe. Now the band and High Roller Records found each other. And we’re glad for that.

Sacred Heart

From Sacred Heart there was only one three-track-tap called “the Vision” back in 1989. This demo will finally be released on CD by Pure Underground Records. Two more extra tracks will be included on this one. “Time After Time” and “Take Hold”. As well as a previously unreleased EP from 2010 recorded by guitarist Byron Nemeth (who entered Amon-Ra after the split of Sacred Heart in 1991).

Sleepy Hollow

It all began in 1989 for Sleepy Hollow. The band was formed in New Jersey by Dan Castiel and Joe Dell. After a short jam they decided they should put a band together and release their musical potential out to the air. Frank Melick came to the band and after a short audition he got the drummer role. Matt Schwartz entered the band and amazed them by his guitar playing. The band started to perform and soon they were asked to take a part in several Metal concerts.

Big Daisy

Big Daisy, formed in Lichfield in early 1978, is a very good example for a more or less prototypical Now Wave Of British Heavy Metal band. The band came with a 7” single and played locally a few shows and then disbanded after a few years. Nowadays, their superb single “Footprints On The Water”, issued on the collectible Ellie Jay label in an iconic picture sleeve in 1980, rates as one of the top rarities. Merv Spence (vocals) never left the music business and worked over the years with bands as Trapeze and Wishbone Ash.


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