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Curse / Styggelse / WAN

Satanath Records release, and do appreciate that, quite a lot of splits too. I like it because it might fill up a hiatus for a band’s relative silence in between two albums, for example. Or a split contains rare or old and hard-to-get stuff. Or just because it offers some variety. Or it might give you the opportunity to meet bands you haven’t been listening to before. Or… Nope, this is not an essay on my opinion on split collaborations, but it’s a review for a threesome…

Sacrificia Mortuorum / Orthanc

I sort of ‘adore’ about everything that gets released via French Black Metal label Hass Weg Productions, simply because they do focus on true, uncompromising, qualitative releases instead of over-produced, trendy acts that try to impress with a fake image. If you click on the label’s name, you will be able to find some other reviews I did for this label (I wrote them with pleasure and devotion, let’s be sure about that!).

Moloch / I Shalt Become

I won’t spend my time on introducing both of these solo-outfits. For Moloch you can expect some more reviews in a near future, but recently I wrote (+ updated) some others: Verwüstung, Abstrakter Wald, Somewhere On The Forgotten Paths, Die Isolation, or the split with Voidstar. For more info about this Ukrainian outfit, check these out.

Sete Star Sept / Anxiety Disorder

Legs Akimbo seem to be one of the most ‘outstanding’ labels when it comes to splattering and grinding sonic filth. Just click on the label’s name and you’ll get access to some reviews of other perverted reviews I did write for this UK-based label. Completely in the vein, in the spirit of this specific trend, quite a lot gets released on vinyl, of course. This goes as well for the split with Japanese combo Sete Star Sept and Belgium’s finest Anxiety Disorder.

De Blenders / Agathocles

Ever heard about Agathocles? I did not either, but apparently they are quite productahahaha… I mean, I had not heard about them before the time when I was actually born, but since they did release about 6.666 things in mean time… No, seriously, I do follow this act as from the late eighties, and still they remain one of the most influential Grind-acts around our globe - and I think they deserve such status. There are many reasons, but let’s stick to: quite productive, honesty-to-the-roots, and just being Agathocles.

Mourning Forest / SAD

And Nothing Shalt Remain is an ‘older’ split-release on French (top) label Hass Weg Productions, done by Greek duo SAD (absolutely quite a productive outfit from Athens since, in mean time, more than a decade, and they have been on the Hass Weg Productions roster before) and French act Mourning Forest, who are totally less productive than their Greek colleagues.

Aun / Lands Of Conifer

You might have heard of the Noise / Drone / Ambient label Death Carnival Records before. If not, stay tuned, for I will write and upload a handful of releases from that French label in the near future, and on February 15th I uploaded one for a split in between HgM and L_Arsenne. Death Carnival Records are a label run by e.g.

Azaghal - Oath

You know (or you do not, but then you will know it as from now on) that I do have a (not that secret) appreciation for Belgian label Immortal Frost Productions, run by Ars Veneficium’s chanteur S. It’s the qualitative result for each release that impresses me a lot.


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