Split CD / Vinyl

Poezd Rodina / Funeral Tears

Frozen Tranquillity is a collaboration in between two projects from Russia (one partly injected with human flesh from Ukrainian soil), which sees the light via, once again, an unholy marriage in between Metallic Media and Symbol Of Domination Productions. It brings three tracks by each participant, resulting in an experience that lasts for fifty four minutes. Here we go…

Kalmankantaja / V-Khaoz

In a series of four new releases on Patologian Laboratorio Productions, there is one split, being one in between Kalmankantaja and V-Khaoz. There is some kind of logic behind this split-release, for both projects are very trusted with each other.

Garotting Deep / FŌR

This split-album, Void Asceticism, joins two great acts in order to illustrate ‘moral collapse, soul sacrifice, eternal oblivion’. I know, it makes me happy too…

The 12” vinyl stuff was released in an edition of 500 copies on ‘regular’ black vinyl (140g, you know), and each band present three tracks, clocking the whole experience to half an hour.


Arbre / Brouillard

Both Arbre and Brouillard are grandiose French acts, which I praised intensively with their former Distant Voices-releases. Also the label itself is quite unique, which you can find back in each of the reviews I did for them in the past (besides both bands on this split: also Misery, Celestial Dirge and Scars From A Dead Room passed the revue; check them out on the site!).


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