Blood Harvest Records


Har are a young project but consisting of experienced musicians from Israel. The members of this Tel Aviv based act were or are in other notorious bands such as Mortuus Umbra, Witchcraft Sadomizer, Mocous Scrotum (hey guys, are you still alive?), Sonne Adam and so on. The band independently released a first EP in 2014, called Baal Ha’ov (there was a tape-edition too, quite limited, via Orgasmatron Records), and then everything seemed to fade away in total silence.


Pręgierz are a very young duo from Poland that wrote, recorded and released a first demo, called Blood Sanctions, in Summer 2014, though this one being independently released on tape. About eight months later, Sweden’s finest Blood Harvest re-release that material, though this time on vinyl. The result is a double 7”EP, with 100 copies on white-red vinyl, and 200 on regular black vinyl.


Lago are a band from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in 2010 and, in their milieu, known for the rather ‘popular’ EP Marianas (released at the very end of 2010). After some line-up changes, the band started writing on new material, and step by step new stuff got into form. Eventually, the band released their first album, called Tyranny, yet in a limited and underestimated promotional edition (CD-format), and that’s when and where Blood Harvest shows up, giving this strong material a new chance, though this time being on vinyl.


Kurnugia are a new band with some extremely experienced members in its ranks, currently or formerly active in the likes of Decrepit, Incantation or The Spawn Of Satan, amongst many others. The quartet wrote and recorded two tracks, compiled as Tribulations Of The Abyss, and originally released independently in May 2013 (actually on CD). Of course the Blood Harvest crew had the intelligence to re-release this stuff on vinyl.

Diabolical Messiah

Vinyl-lovers, here’s another opportunity! Blood Harvest have re-issued the CD Satan Tottendemon Victory !!! by Chilean Satanic Death Metal combo Diabolical Messiah, stuff that was originally released via Proselytism (also from Chile) at the end of 2009.

Shroud Of The Heretic

Shroud Of The Heretic are a pretty young formation, formed in 2009 (Oregon-based, for your important information), and known for a pretty interesting demo, Boiled To Death. This demo was released on vinyl and CD, respectively via Blood Harvest and Craneo Negro (just like this release). In between that debut record and this new effort, Revelations In Alchemy, the band shared the stage with e.g.

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