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Architect Of Disease

A largely underestimated band from Poland, to my opinion, was Iugulatus. At the beginning of this decade, this horde release a limited number of intriguing albums, and shortly after the finishing of Satanic Pride, singer Balrog and drummer Wojtass decided to quit in order to focus on Slain. The remaining members, however, wanted to go on, so they continued, be it as Architect Of Disease. We’re talking about the year 2012.

Doomster Reich

Doomster Reich are an act from the city of Łódź (located in the centre of Poland, about 140 kilometres South-West of capital city Warsaw), which were formed in 2012. They did release a first album in 2014, called The League For Mental Distillation, which I wasn’t that enormously enthusiastic about. Yet then again, I noticed a certain potentiality, despite leaving me unsatisfied. I did describe it like ‘The intentions, the ideas, are interesting; the final execution, unfortunately, is not - or at least: not yet.


Primal are a one-man act from Poland, created in 2008 by PrimalOne, and pretty active in between 2010 and 2014. The End Of Time Records and Quid Est Veritas Productions did release some of the material, amongst which the truly fantastic Deathzone-album, Primal’s full length debut (for the review: see the update on September 21st 2014). Another ‘older’ release, done in collaboration by both bands, is Prophetae, initially released in August 2013.

Deep Desolation

Once again via long-time label The End Of Time Records, and this time in a co-operation with Old Temple, Deep Desolation deliver the successor of the extremely strong Rites Of Blasphemy-album (the review on that album was posted January 25th 2015, though it was initially released in 2012, shortly after their great debut Subliminal Visions).

Serpent Seed

Serpent Seed are a pretty young Polish act (formed in 2012), with e.g. former Iugulatus and current Slain-drummer Wojtass in their ranks. They debut with Debris Of Faith, an album that lasts for thirty eight minutes, and that gets released by two Polish labels, The End Of Time Records and Under The Tyrant’s Banner Prod.

Deep Desolation

I was quite charmed by 2011’s Subliminal Visions, my first acquaintance with Polish band Deep Desolation, released via The End Of Time Records. So I was quite happy when the very same label, which has a very interesting roster lately, did send us the successor of Subliminal Visions, Rites Of Blasphemy.


Polish one-man army Primal (run by a guy who calls himself PrimalOne; you might remember his name from his collaboration with Iugulatus and Deep Desolation) was formed in 2008, and as from the beginning of this decade, Primal have been pretty productive. With both bands mentioned above there was a split in 2011 (called Chapel Of Fear), and besides a couple of demonstrational recordings, Primal recorded and released several EP’s and full lengths in mean time.


A.O.D. is the abbreviation for Architects Of Disease. It’s a Polish act, formed in 2012 after the demise of Iugulatus. The question is whether A.O.D. can be considered a new band, or whether it is Iugulatus after a change of moniker. As a matter of fact, Iugulatus split up after the departure of singer Balrog; shortly before, also drummer Wojtass left. Both of them are now in Slain, but that’s another story.

Doomster Reich

From time to time, we do receive material ‘out of the black’, or ‘the blue’ if you want to, and such thing is this album, by a Polish act I had never heard of before. Apparently, Doomster Reich were formed at the end of 2011 in Lodz, and as a quartet (Rasz- v, d; Markiz-g; Voytek-g; and Radek-b) they recorded this album at the very end on 2012 at the (for me unknown) Pawel Drozd’s Studio.

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