Lurker Bias

Cop Fetish

Two years ago, Cop Fetish, a project by a guy called Jeff Williams, originating from Olympia, State of Washington, uSSa, signed to Lurker Bias with the aim to release his first recording under the Cop Fetish-moniker, Transuranic Waste. That tape was (and still is) a monster of a release!

Set Self On Fire

"The world is a mess. and what's worse is that to a certain extent society would have us be complacent of this fact. However, it is up to us that are aware to stand up and say something in protest against the madness. In that spirit Set Self On Fire is the musical equivalent of self-immolation."

Alexander Adams

I was quite surprised when I listened to this release, and this for a couple of reasons: the length and the label involved. Actually, the label, Lurker Bias, is a very young but highly productive label from the Chicago area. They are specialised in most kinds of Noise and Extreme Experimental Music in general (Jazz-influenced madness, for example), and especially when it comes to Noise Wall and Harsh Noise, this label must be a recommendation for this sick / sickened / sickening scene.

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