Ordo MCM


It all started at the end of the Eighties. Henrik Björkk aka Kremator aka Nordvargr decided to start a band that would be an outlet for blasphemous prophecies, yet from a unique sonic spectrum. Maschinenzimmer 412 were born. Under this name, there were two recordings, Macht Durch Stimme and Malfeitor (the latter was released via the (sadly defunct) cult label Cold Meat Industry).

Die Sonne Satans

Well well well, this is a great surprise for the audience! AnnapurnA is re-issuing a very old recording by Italian cult-act Die Sonne Satans, or if you want, Die Sonne Satan (without the additional ‘s’ at the end – what does it matter anyway). Metaphora was once created in the early Nineties, and did appear on a split with another great Italian act, Runes Order. It was in 1993 when Old Europa Café (ave!) released this split on tape.

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