Patologian Laboratorio Productions


Hiisi are a pretty young project by the same-named vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Hiisi and drummer VRTX (real name: Ville Pallonen). The latter is also (currently or formerly) involved with, for example, Hin Onde, Azaghal, Oath, Hellkult or Druadan Forest, as well as with his solo-outfit V-Khaoz.

Kalmankantaja / V-Khaoz

In a series of four new releases on Patologian Laboratorio Productions, there is one split, being one in between Kalmankantaja and V-Khaoz. There is some kind of logic behind this split-release, for both projects are very trusted with each other.

Seal Of Beleth

Finnish act Seal Of Beleth was formed in 2007 by vocalist / guitarist Jyrki Kostamo (he was part of the last Lathspell line-up), bassist / vocalist Aki ‘Grim666’ Klemm (who owns this label, Patologian Laboratorio Productions, and used to be part of Lathspell as well; besides he’s active in many other bands and projects, such as Oath, Hautakammio, Dead Girl 13, Grimirg, Kalmankantaja and many others


Patologian Laboratorio Productions are a ‘new’ (see note) label owned by Aki ‘Grim666’ Klemm in order to release material from his own projects and bands especially (+ some others). Note: actually there were some releases about a decade ago from Lathspell too, but then things turned into silence for ten long years – FYI…


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