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Cultus Profano

Cultus Profano is the name of a new entity from the Californian city of Los Angeles. It is meant to promote cocktails on the beach, fast cars and colourful bath fashion… Not! No, it is an outfit by Arthur Mendiola aka Advorsus, knows as (former or current) drummer (and vocalist) in e.g. Sadistic Intent, Vesterian or Blaskyrkh. He joined forces with (female) guitarist / vocalist Strzyga with Cultus Profano as moniker.


There are quite some interesting acts within the French (Funeral) Doom / Doom-Death scene, and one of my preferred ones for sure is this one: Monolithe.

Death Fetishist

I’ve always been impressed by bands and projects that involve Matron Thorn: Crowhurst, Benighted In Sodom, Midwinter Storm, Andacht and, especially, mighty Ævangelist. And hurray, recently he started a new project, called Death Fetishist.

Pénitence Onirique

~~Pénitence Onirique is born from an ancestral and powerful bicephalous mystical appearance…

“forget your world and open your souls because the great procession comes.”

V.I.T.R.I.O.L. is taking us for an initiatory journey to the meaning of death…

…and so on…


One of the nicest guys I came in touch with in 2014 must be Canadian musician Myrtroen. ‘myrtroen’ is the Norse spelling of this guy’s great grandfather’s name when the latter moved over from Norway to North America (first the U.S., then Canada; Myrtroen still lives in Canada); we’re talking about more than a century ago – but this isn’t a etymologic essay, so let’s continue with the merits of the guy behind Avitas.


On December 27th 2015 I did upload a review on the latest Avitas-release, Freezing The Holy Land, one of the solo-outfits of Canadian artist Pat ‘Myrtroen’. I’d like to invite you to read that one concerning the past, present and future details on this guy’s efforts. And future, it means: Pioneers, the upcoming album, which will hit the face of the ignorant gods very soon! Stay focused, folks!


Fortid originally hail from Iceland. They were formed as one-man outfit in 2002 by Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson ‘Eldur’ (think: Potentiam, Curse, Thule, and recently also in Den Saakaldte or Midnattsvrede).


Greek band W.E.B. (it seems to be the abbreviation for where everything begun) were formed about twelve years ago. They recorded some material that was pretty popular in their home country, but outside Greece they never really broke through. And despite the acceptable quality of this third full length studio album, I am not sure they will now.

The Tower

This Swedish band was founded after the trio of brothers Erik (vocals) and August (guitar) along with their friend Viktor (bass) moved from the woods in the North to Uppsala (in order to attend University to “study the science of harvesting the earth), where they encountered drummer Tommie Eriksson (a Russian refugee with a past in the bands Ligament, Nocturnal Rites, Therion, Shadowseed and  a still lasting membership with Saturnalia Temple –


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