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Death Fetishist

I’ve always been impressed by bands and projects that involve Matron Thorn: Crowhurst, Benighted In Sodom, Midwinter Storm, Andacht and, especially, mighty Ævangelist. And hurray, recently he started a new project, called Death Fetishist.


When Eyehate, Stiff Old and Goathammer started playing together in 2004 (actually it was in an old bunker), they decided to continue as a ‘real’ band instead of just some time-passing activities. Goathammer, however, was forced to leave, and S. Muerte and Randy Rots joined the duo. At that time, it was time to choose a name. Deathronation were born.

Repulsive Aggression

Norwegian act Repulsive Aggression was formed almost five years ago by some Svarttjern-members (guitar player Saether and grunter Holter), with assistance of drummer Nødset (Frail Grounds). They did record a three-track demo a couple of years ago, which drew attention of Schwarzdorn from Germany, resulting in the current contract.


That’s such a pity - at least for / to me.

Nowadays, thanks to the constantly growing sickness called ‘downloadable copies’, most labels do send us but an i-pooled edition of new material, most of the time a couple of days / Weeks after the actual release of the new stuff. I can spit my bile endlessly but I’ll spare you th…, no, I’ll save my own time and energy.

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