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Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd

I must admit that I am not exactly Mater terra’s most convinced fan of Crust / Grind / Hardcore stuff, though I can appreciate that stuff when I am in the mood. And there are a couple of labels that can convince me with their Grind-edged stuff, like: Xtreem, Relapse, Identified By Dental, Selfmadegod, Unique Leader and so on.


Warfuck are a side-project by two Obnoxious-members, Matthieu ‘Mak’ Gamet and Nicolas Latreille. In spring 2012 Warfuck released a first collection of lullabies, called The Weak And The Wicked (self-released), and on December 13th 2013 they came up with the successor, the independently released sonic assault Neantification.

Disturbance Project

With this album our editor-in-chief again unloaded a truly great Grindcore act into my to-do box...and that had been a while...but then Madrid-based Disturbance Project are of a quality to equal that of its legendary fellow countrymen Machetazo.

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