Frozen Light


Distiphyxia are a project by Absent Heat’s O.L. (vocals, guitars, synths, programming) and his session partner in crime in that outfit, P. (drums, design / layout). They joined forces under this moniker in early 2014, and very soon after they came up with a first two-track EP, from which both compositions are on this debut album as well.


Unmercenaries are a collaborative of two members from Who Dies In Siberian Slush (amongst others, but I do refer to this one specifically, for I recently wrote a review for their split with My Shameful; see update December 24th 2015), and a member from My Shameful (amongst others, but I do refer to this one specifically, for I recently wrote a review for their split with Who Dies In Siberian Slush; see update December 24th 2015).

Sad Parade

Okay, the Finnish band Sad Parade might surely not hit the very same status of acts like, let’s say, Sisters Of Mercy, Christian Death or Nine Inch Nails, but for sure they are of a comparable level of craftsmanship. During the nineties, they were quite influential, especially in their home country, with a couple of attractive EP’s going around. At the very beginning of this new century, the band ceased activities, but the rumour goes that Aku-Tuomas Mattila has plans to reform this band???


Astrowind are a Latvian duo, consisting of Kirils Lomunovs (think: Oloolo, Echochorus, Bongo, Pasaki Onkuliem Ata etc.) and Maksims Borisovs (Mahi Bukimi).


One of the most productive guys from Ukraine is Sergiy Fjordsson, who’s the guy behind projects like Moloch, Silver Sphere Moon, Saturn From Essence and Psilocybe City Life. He’s involved as well with Deviator, thought rather as permanent guest.

Shades Of The Black Sky

Shades Of The Black Sky are a solo-outfit by Russian musician Dmitriy ‘Angel Of Sorrow’ Rastorguev, who started this project in 2013. After a full length and two EP’s, this guy returns with То, что нас поглотит (To, Chto Nas Pospotit), which consists of newer and older material. The album consists of four tracks that last in between sixteen and nineteen minutes (!) and it gets (got) released by Russia’s Frozen Light in an edition of 500 copies.


Mindvoid were formed during the second half of last decade in Kharkov, Ukraine, and they did some releases before via quite cool labels such as Kadaath, Cvlminis and Nihil Art. This newest piece, called Thundernoisespell, gets released via Russia’s Frozen Light, which actually is one of the most surprising labels from that country I came along recently. But let’s focus on Mindvoid.


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