Inverse Records


Sometimes a band needs many years before they find a stable line-up, or before they have the opportunity to record and release decent material. Soulwound is such a band. Actually, the origins go back to the Nineties, when the brothers Niko and Janne Huusari started jamming and gigging. They wrote some pieces, which they did record as a demonstrational release, and there were permanent line-up changes going on in the meantime, which didn’t make it easier to perform live, evidently.


Sintax were formed at the end of 2010 in Jerusalem, Israel, by some members from acts like Birth, Salem, Sensorium (though I didn’t think Nir was the original drummer, actually) and Shwortsechaye. In mean time, they gained an enormous fan-base in their home country, being considered as one of the most prominent live acts around.



Finland’s Creinium were formed in Spring 2012 by Aleksi Holma, Juuso Putti and Antti Myllynen after melodic Death Metal band Path Of Annihilation broke up. They started recording a first demo, Modern World Tyranny, which was finally released at the very end of Spring 2013, and the reactions were very positive in the band’s home country. The Hard Rock / Metal magazine Inferno even elected this demonstrational stuff as ‘demo of the month’, for what it’s worth.

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