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Once in a while, you just get blown away by a (new) release that offers something unique, promising, magnificent. Well, did you have the opportunity to enjoy Tacent Semitae, the 2016 debut by international act Adaestuo? Indeed, that’s what I mean with getting blown away. It isn’t just Black Metal that this trio performs. This goes way beyond the ‘orthodox’ borders of that mighty muSICKal style called Black Metal!

Chaos Invocation

Despite their many years of existence, German band Chaos Invocation always took their time before releasing newly recorded stuff. The band was officially formed in 2004, and they released their first album in 2009 (In Bloodline With The Snake, Canonical Hours / World Terror Committee).

Fides Inversa

Italy’s Fides Inversa (which includes some highly-experienced names from the Extreme Metal scene!) debuted in 2009 with the Osmose Productions-released full length Hanc Aciem Sola Retundit Virtus (The Algolagnia Divine). Since then, there were no more official releases, but Fides Inversa played live all over European soil. Now, finally, it is time to experience this band’s second opus, and their debut for top-label World Terror Committee aka W.T.C. Productions.

Principality Of Hell

The World Terror Committee is known for quality as from the early years, but 2014 is a top-year for this label. Some material I reviewed this year was for the likes of Thy Darkened Shade, Tortorum, Dysangelium, Ascension, Sargeist etc. (check the site to find out…), and without exception I was very pleased (some more than others, evidently). Now this label will release the album Fire & Brimstone by a new project, called Principality Of Hell.


It’s been way too long, but now, after more than four years, German horde Ascension return with a new full length, which will be called The Dead Of The World. The review will follow soon. As an appetizer, Ascension release the two-track EP Deathless Light, which includes one track that will make it to the upcoming album. The other one is a track exclusive for this EP.

Thy Darkened Shade

Greek mysterious and occult outfit Thy Darkened Shade return with the sophomore album Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet, successor of 2012’s Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs (which was released on the World Terror Committee roster as well). Semjaza (instruments & production; also in e.g.


Sven ‘Unhold’ Zimper’s World Terror Committee aka W.T.C. Productions is about to become one of the strongest labels from German soil, with tens of great releases this year. As a teaser for Dysangelium’s upcoming debut full length, W.T.C. release this German band’s second demo, Leviaxxis, which consists of three tracks, all of them clocking around four minutes.


Blazej Kazimierz Adamczuk is a Polish multi-instrumentalist who used to be part of some of Poland’s most notorious bands, like Thunderbolt, Legacy Of Blood and Veles. At that time, he acted under the name Paimon. At the end of last decade, he moved over to Bergen, Norway, and he joined Dead To This World, a band formed by former Immortal-bassist Iscariah, as from now under his new artist name, Skyggen.


Entartung are a German duo (vocalist / bassist / keyboardist Vulfolaic and drummer / guitarist Lykormas) that could please the audience enormously with their 2012-debut Krypteia (also on World Terror Committee), and all those who did appreciate this debut will surely adore this sophomore full length too. Main reason is that Peccata Mortalia totally continues the path once started with Krypteia.


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