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Big Daisy

Big Daisy, formed in Lichfield in early 1978, is a very good example for a more or less prototypical Now Wave Of British Heavy Metal band. The band came with a 7” single and played locally a few shows and then disbanded after a few years. Nowadays, their superb single “Footprints On The Water”, issued on the collectible Ellie Jay label in an iconic picture sleeve in 1980, rates as one of the top rarities. Merv Spence (vocals) never left the music business and worked over the years with bands as Trapeze and Wishbone Ash.

Dawn Of Winter

Dawn Of Winter were formed in 1990 (!) as Cemetery, paying tribute to bands as Candlemass, Trouble, Saint Vitus, Witchfinder General, Black Sabbath etc. After a short period, the members did choose to change the band’s moniker into the current one, and at the same time they decided to change their style into the initial approach (tributing the gothfathers of Doom), mixed with specific own-faced structures. Dawn Of Winter were born…

Steel Assassin

“World War II-Metal Of Honor” is the name of Steel Assasin’s brand new studio album. As you might have already guessed, it’s a concept album. Their guitarist Kevin put a lot of effort into researching the concept. World War II is such a vast topic, it’s no wonder Steel Assassin had to find their own approach to the subject.


Witchgrave form Sweden are a new phenomenon like we had Ghost and now these days Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats.  The play N.W.O.B.H.M. just like it came straight from the old days of glory. Their mini-album “The Devils Night’ sold out very quickly. In those days Witchgrave excisted only out of two people. Since then they have ground into a proper four-piece band.

Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound

Founded at the beginning of this millennium as a trio consisting of Michael Lardas, Jefferson Marshall and Charley Saufley, this San Fransisco based “Post Psych” act has since grown to a septet due to the addition of multi-instrumentalists Camilla Saufley and Anderson Landbridge (actually a Theremin and synth specialist), and harmony singers Brett Constantino and Evan Reese (the latter both of SF act Sleepy Sun).

Audrey Horne

Fans of bands like Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and others: Rejoice! Audrey Horne’s Youngblood is yet another fine example that hard rock is far from dead and gone.


Avatar from Stockholm are not that well known outside their native country where they have already built themselves quite a reputation. After releasing three albums, Swedish metal band Avatar is back with their fourth full-length album Black Waltz. Avatar surprise with overwhelming song writing and a lot of variation.. Although it has a strong industrial Manson versus Ramstein touch, it’s comes across very refreshingly. It’s just fun listening to the entire album.


Formed in Cyprus in 2003, the band Blynd saw first light. they saw it as a personal mission to bring the starving underground metal scene on surface and to spread the tentacles of their music . Their first demo “Embraced and Abandoned” (2004) received excellent reviews from magazines and webzines around the world, such as Terrorizer Magazine scoring the demo with 8.5 and caught the attention of underground magazines witch was the start of a growing  fan base.


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