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There is a band called Ergotism that hails from France, a duo performing Black Metal and known from a self-called independently released full length in August 2015.

Metamorph & Schädelberg

As a convinced ‘fan’ of obscure, mystic, occult, ritual or just crazy Aural Art, I do whatever it takes - no, not whatever, yet at least quite a lot - to promote and support the (underground) scene. As an open-minded reviewer, I do write chronicles for new material, kindly offered to me by labels or bands / projects, but I do not mind, never at all, to spend my time on listening to, and writing about older material too. When a label or a band propose me to review an older recording, and in case I think it is worth spending my (valuable) time, I have no reason not to do so.

Antiquus Scriptum

Antiquus Scriptum is the moniker of the main project of Jorge Magalhães aka Sacerdos Magus, who started this outfit after he left Firstborn Evil almost two decades ago. Throughout these many years of activity, Jorge recorded and releases quite some stuff, which actually isn’t that bad at all.


~~Tino Thiele and Jens Roder joined forces under the Wulfgar banner, being named after the barbarian warrior from Icewind Dale, created by American SF / fantasy novelist / author Robert A. Salvatore. They are not to be mistaken for the Swedish (Death Metal) band, for your information! This Brandenburg-based duo did record the Heidenwahn album after quite a long period of silence; the last album (Jens wasn’t part of the project yet) was released in 2008, so for the ‘fans’ is might have been quite a period of impatience and uncertainness.

Khaospath (1)

In a couple of days I will publish the review for Khaospath’s …For The Devil Speaks The Truth, their latest record, released via Belgium’s Immortal Frost Productions (don’t miss it!), but first I’ll focus on the former full length by these Swedes (actually, the origins lie in Malta). I know that this is an ‘older’ recording in mean time, but then again: it is never, and I repeat: NEVER, too late to give some additional promotion and attention to great material!

Grimorium Verum

Grimorium Verum (or ‘grimoire of truth’) are a Russian duo named after the ‘legendary’ book of ceremonial magic. They were limitedly active at the end of last century, and they took a five-year break. But in 2006 this Syktyvkar-based act returned, with Retaliation (2008) and Reborn (2011) as result.


I do not know if I can call it a present to humanity, but to celebrate their definitive and irreversible farewell, Deviator bless / curse mankind with a compilation, which sees the light (and darkness!) through Germany’s top-label Pesttanz Klangschmiede (about ten other releases have been reviewed recently by undersigned, and have been posted in July, August or September; check the site and find out what qualitative material Pesttanz have to offer…).


One year after the debut full length The Voyager, Draugûl return with the sophomore full length, once again released under the banner of the great Pesttanz-roster. The review on the debut, by the way, was posted recently on the site; check the update on September 21st 2014.


Being a ‘fan’ of the Black Metal scene since the end of the eighties, I came along a handful of mostly interesting bands or projects from Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean sea, in between Italy and Africa – think: Martyrium (Draugûl-frontman Vargblod used to be in this great act for a couple of years, by the way), Apotheosis, Sahhar or Sandmist.

Antiquus Scriptum

After he left Firstborn Evil at the end of last century, Jorge ‘Sacerdos Magus’ Magalhães formed Antiquus Scriptum. He had some ideas for quite some time that didn’t quite fit to the style of Firstborn Evil, so he took the decision to leave in 1998 and start his own (solo) project. After the recording of some demos, he signed to Ophiucus Records to release the Antiquus Scriptum-debut Abi In Malam Pestem in 2002.


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