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I knew French artist Furniker (real name: Franz Schultz, very French indeed) from some material I heard via Murmure Intemporel, an experimental label from France’s soil. Recently I also received a copy of a new recording by this project of Herr Schulz, this time released via Death Carnival Records, one of the labels by the talented and devoted artist A.Arthur.


Frenchman Arthur Arsenne is quite an occupied person within the international Drone / Ambient / Noise / Experimental scene. He runs the labels Arsenic Solaris and Death Carnival Records, and he’s involved in different projects, both as solo artist or in co-operation with others.

Mitantecuntri / Lands Of Conifer

Arthur Arsenne aka A.Arthur is a ‘famous’ musician within the Drone / Ambient / Experimental / Improvisional scene, as well as the owner of Death Carnival Records and the new label Arsenic Solaris. For both labels I did some reviews lately, as well for some of A.Arthur’s projects, such as L_Arsenne, Arsenne + Cisak + Oleksinski or Lands Of Conifer.

Projet Cluster

Projet Cluster are a trio I had not heard of before, but apparently they acted under the moniker of Sugar Pill before, if I’m not mistaken. In any case, Christopher Mc Ghee, Charlie Chine and Jérôme Grivel did record this album, Hoc Unto Fecit, live at the Chapelle St Catherine, Breil sur Roya (in the south of France, close to the Italian border), in November 2014, and it resulted in one lengthy piece of Aural Art (forty minutes of length in total).

Ashley Blues / Joli

Death Carnival Records came up with a very limited split (edition of twenty copies only, minus mine…), a collaborative in between Russia’s Ashley Blues and American one-man army Joli. Both sonically adorn one side of the tape, which comes with mysteriously-attractive artwork.

HgM / L_Arsenne

Death Carnival Records are a Noise / Drone / Industrial / Ambient label from Nice, France, nowadays acting under the wings of Arsenic Solaris (cf. Arthur Arsenne and his multiple outfits). Most releases are done on tape-edition, and since I did receive a handful of them, you can expect quite some reviews on these creations as from now on. Stay alert!

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