Blood Tsunami

Album Title: 
For Faen
Release Date: 
Monday, March 11, 2013
Review Type: 

Since the band released their former effort (Grand Feast For Vultures) in 2009, and because three of the members started another band / project (Mongo Ninja) around that time as well, I thought Blood Tsunami were no more. But praise the Gods of Trash! Blood Tsunami are back! This time, the band comes with a new bass player (a guitar player from Sweden, Carl Janfalk) and a new label they signed with (Indie), but that is not the most important difference with the past. The main difference is Blood Tsunami’s musical direction.

In comparison to the former full length, For Faen, which means something like ‘for fuck’s sake’, brings half an hour of Punk-injected Old School Thrash Metal, short and fast, devastating, merciless. It’s a whirlwind of thrashing fury, a maelstrom of sulphuric acid-rain. While the former album had a couple of melodious elements, including technical structures, this full length hammers like an unleashed bull on speed. It’s rather Sodom-oriented than Grand Feast …-related. Thrash’n’Roll it is! Peter Vegem’s vocal capacities have changed a little as well. No grunted screams this time (at least not whole the time, yet sporadically), yet rather raw, screaming vocals that fit better to the Thrash / Punk-approach.

Oh yes, the band pays tribute to one of the greatest Brazilian bands ever, Grave Desecrator, by doing a track with the very same title. Sweet, isn’t it? FFO: Possessed, Hellfire, Darkthrone, Sodom, Destruction, Atomizer etc.