Album Title: 
Satan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll
Release Date: 
Monday, February 10, 2014
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Satan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll was originally released on CD in August 2012, and gets now re-released on vinyl, once again via Invictus Productions. Even though Chapel were formed more than five years ago, it isn’t but this Canadian trio’s sole official release (except for a demo in 2008). And the only reason for this re-release is to please the vinyl-freaks.

But anyway, it was, and still is, a nice collection of Black’n’Roll anthems. Speed Metal à la early Venom and Motörhead, with beer-and-bullets, babes-and-blasphemy, black-and-bad-ass-Bathory. It exhales the purest punky and sleazy tradition of Teutonic Heavy Metal; it’s like AC/DC tributed by Sodom, or Nocturnal Breed meet Bewitched; got the point?... But what’s more: the average quality could suck for lacking of originality. And the lack of originality is gloriously present, oh yeah, it is (anecdote of cynicism). But nobody would / should give a damn, because this stuff rocks and rules! It is an orgiastic pleasure to enjoy; Satan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll is a killer album!