Epitome Of Frail

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Friday, April 12, 2013
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Germany’s Epitome Of Frail were formed more than a decade ago. Throughout the past eleven years, the guys recorded a handful of recordings that did not really reach a proper audience. Nevertheless, Epitome Of Frail were able to play lots of shows in their home country with major acts like Hatebreed, Napalm Death, All Shall Perish, Fall Of Serenity or The Black Dahlia Murder.

With Society, the quintet might gain some ‘popularity’ outside Germany, I guess, in case the distribution and promotion will fulfil the band’s expectations. The mini-album consists of rather short yet uncompromising and uncomplicated Death hymns with a modern approach. It’s the kind of Death Metal with an enormous ‘-core’-attitude: Hardcore, Grindcore, Metalcore (no Deathcore). …but at the same time, with a melodic and technical approach, which is a surplus in this band’s case. No infantile Metalcore-approach in the vein of the North American scene, no absurd Grindcore nor would-be punkish approach either; just decent, acceptable stuff with a specific mosh-level and, at the same time, an intriguing equilibrium of modernism and authenticity.

Oh yes, pay attention to the electronic intermezzi…