Gloomy Hellium Bath

Album Title: 
Sistema Solera
Release Date: 
Friday, October 30, 2015
Review Type: 

Gloomy Hellium Bath are a French collaboration with former members of e.g. Nerv and Würm. Via the crazy label Dooweet Records, they release Sistema Solera, which brings a totally frenzy mixture of Electronics, Industrial Metal and hundreds of other additions: Noise, Hip Hop, Death Industrial, Punk, Un-Pop, Trip-Hop, Indie, Goth Rock and so much more.

Don’t take it too serious; consider it an improvised yet, at the same time, quite well-thought expression of sonic disturbance… It’s totally mad, somewhat weird, but quite ironic, and despite the amalgam of all the influences the result might attract some sick-brained people for sure. But it’s not ‘Music’, okay; Sistema Solera is like a try-out for extravert outbursts as some anti-stress therapy; but it might make you even more stressed??? What to think, for example, about the Don’t You Love Her Madly re-interpretation in Ouarrrrrrch (you know, The Doors…)? And all those other things, such as cinematic excerpts, cosmic passages, hip hopping electronics, harsh voices, Djent-elements

From subjective point of view I do not like this stuff. But then again, the geniuses behind this project did create something that is unique, overwhelming, unusual. Of course I do appreciate pieces like the title track a lot, but that isn’t but a personal, subjective opinion for sure. But as a highly respected reviewer (no further comment, please) I do need to focus on some objective elements as well, and these ones lead me to the opposite of my subjective ideas. So let’s skip the crap: Gloomy Hellium Bath are nuts, and if you are too, you will have to try this one out! You will adore it, or you’ll be disgusted. But you’ll never know unless you give it a try, so why shouldn’t you…