Order Of 315

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Monday, December 21, 2015
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Order Of 315 are a French act which I actually hadn’t heard of before. Okay, I can’t know each single band and project around our (rotten, but that’s another story) globe, but apparently this act released an album before, called Near-Birth Experience (2012). Under the line-up of Edgar Jabberwocky (vocals, music and lyrics), John Doe (drums), Grm Lecouflet (bass) and Klaus Kersey (guitars, music, lyrics, production, engineering and mix – at the studio The Industry), these guys did record this new material in 2014 and 2015, and the result got mastered at Maor Appelbaum Mastering by, indeed, Mr. Appelbaum himself (think: Mayhem, Dagor Dagorath, Madder Mortem, Treponem Pal etc.).

AntiPi comes with, well, blue’ish artwork, and this seen from quite an original angle. But let’s focus on the sonic side. The album, which has a total running time of fifty minutes, stands for a modern blend of technical and experimental Thrash and Groove Metal, with quite some Hardcore / Metalcore elements. It is somewhat industrial in sound, and it shamelessly trespasses the (un-existing) borders with Djent, Industrial Metal, Half-Thrash and even Death Metal). There is quite some exciting experiment going on,

One cannot say that this band lacks of energy, because the whole experience is like a sonic whirlwind, a cloud of killer bees on speed, an aural eruption after a blue star’s explosion. But dynamism alone isn’t enough to convince. The band did write interesting material, and the performance is okay. Also the production and mix are satisfying. But (and hear you have it) it leaves me hungry, unsatisfied. The whole time I am impatiently waiting for something outstanding, something memorable, but I cannot find it. Actually, to me the result is too infantile, too catchy and even, despite the heaviness, too poppy.

Fans of Pantera, Machine Head, Animals As Leaders, Meshuggah and Korn must pay attention (but do not expect too much), but otherwise I recommend to listen at least once before buying / stealing AntiPi.