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Friday, March 9, 2018
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I want to shout, to scream, to yell: wooaaargh! That’s what I wanna do after listening to this album. No, that’s what I want to do while listening to this brutal rape of my sweet, delicate eardrums. All together: wooaaargh!

Desecrating is the newest piece (violently cut into pieces, no peace!) by Italian four-men-army Repulsione. This horde from Bologna consists of bard Mosh, tambour Gioele, and bass players J.J. and Tex. Indeed, two bassists, no six-string players (quite unusual, yet not an isolated case; cf. acts like Necromantia, Sete Star Sept, Water Torture etc.). This time they show up with a fourteen-tracker, having a total running time of about half an hour, available via digital format via their label’s Bandcamp-page (

What these guys bring is not exactly renewing, but it shows a fabulous joy of play, paying tribute to nothing else but the purest form of uncompromising Grindcore. The strength falls within the handling of the instrumentation in the first place. The use of two bass guitars and no ‘traditional’ (electric) guitars is a first element that characterises these Italians. It makes the sound of the strings overwhelmingly powerful, down-tuned and, yeah, why not, even sensual (cf. my not-that-secret adoration for Greek combo Necromantia). The bass ‘melodies’ (sorry, but what else can I describe it without turning into irony) are heavy-as-f*ck, intensively buzz saw-sounding, and carrying a not-ignorable responsibility for the final result. But so do the drums and vocals. When talking about the first, the drums, I cannot but grasp myself firmly on my chair, because otherwise I would be blown away. The drum sound is quite ‘metallic’ (comparison stolen from the bio, I admit, but it’s the most righteous description, so I do not feel guilty to repeat this single-worded definition), and evidently it empowers the insolent and vehement heaviness of all individual lullabies represented on this album. And then you have that sweet voice. Guttural of growling, beastly and butchering – nothing else to add, for it speaks for itself…

The sound quality is more than acceptable to my opinion. Okay, personally I would have noticed little more rawness – no, it’s not that this release sounds clinically polished – but some more noisiness would be appreciated. Yet then again, the mix is excellent. All instruments are represented equally, nicely balancing in a perfected equilibrium. This is ideal for the fast parts (and believe me, because ‘fast’ means ‘fast’ like in ‘fast’…), yet as well for the few slower excerpts.

What can I add? Well, actually I just can recommend this Grind madness (with links to Power-Violence, Goregrind, Blast, Groove-Death and even Punk) to you who gets aroused by Insect Warfare, Wormrot, Internal Rot, EdxKemper, Nasum or the earliest UK-scene (Napalm Death, Carcass and those sweeties)…