Album Title: 
Grinding Under The Influence
Release Date: 
Thursday, October 1, 2015
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Italian Grind-combo SBS aka SpermBloodShit did satisfy our perverted ear drums more than once in the past, and all sick-minded amongst us will be pleased to welcome this newest vinyl-effort with open arms! Grinding Under The Influence, well, the title says it all, so here ends my review. Enjoy…

No, seriously, I could stop right here, but it wouldn’t be fair, for Neil from Legs Akimbo did send me over one of the regular copies – there are 150 on black vinyl (149 left as from now on), 140 on red vinyl, and 110 copies marbled red / black. All of them are most-wanted editions for sure, but the essence remains the same: grind created under one or another influence…

The A-side was recorded in early spring 2014 at the Alien Recording Studio by band leader Alessio (guitars and vocals) with assistance of drummer Matteo and bass player / vocalist Antonello. It consists of four cover tracks, which are quite memorable: Rotten Sound’s I Disappear Into Darkness, Obnoxious by Haemorrhage, Breaking The Law (Judas Priest) and Drop Dead, courtesy of Venomous Concept. I think all of them have something attractive (haha, what’s in a word…), but especially the latter is quite cool. Okay, the versions of Rotten Sound, Haemorrhage and Judas Priest are ear candy too, but what SpermBloodShit do with Drop Dead is truly remarkable. Besides, it actually isn’t just ‘another cover track’, but a true re-interpretation of the original, and done in quite a cool way.

Side B consists of three tracks that were recorded in the very same studio, though in very early 2009, by Alessio and Wooaaargh’s Cris as session drummer. This stuff totally reeks of putrefaction and disgust, believe me. It’s SpermBloodShit showing their true face, covered with faeces, mucus and pus. Scott Tenorman Must Die brings a filthy form of Punk-laden Grindcore, while Conjoined Fetus Lady goes even further into the bleakest dungeons of gore with the splatter-attitude that characterises this ‘song’. Freak Strike, eventually, is another fine exercise of Grind, Punk-Hardcore and Perv-Porn-Shit, mixing the nastiest elements from those genres into a mostly degenerated form of sonic sickness.