Weird Truth Productions

Beneath Oblivion

In their fifteen years of existence, Cincinnati (Ohio) based horde Beneath Oblivion recorded and released not that much, yet then again quite spectacular and impressing things. Unfortunately, after 2011’s full length From Man To Dust (released via an underestimated yet cool label, The Mylene Sheath) I did not hear anything from this quartet (original member / vocalist / guitarist Scotty T. Simpson, bass player Keith Messerle, drummer Nate Didwell and guitarist Allen L.


Basilisk are a Japanese band that was formed in 1997 when Monarchie Infernale split up. Throughout the years, the band underwent several line-up changes, and they were joined by musicians active in other notorious Japanese acts like Stillbirth. There were not that much activities, not in the studio, nor live on stage, and a couple of times Basilisk were put on hold.

Funeral Moth

One of the best known Doom-acts from Japan is (in their home country), and will be (internationally), Funeral Moth, formed in 2005 by former members of e.g. Deathchurch, Coffins and Morquido. With their self-titled 2006-demonstrational recording they drew attention of the great Weird Truth Productions-label, but that isn’t that surprising for guitarist / singer Makoto Fujishima owns this Japanese label.

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