Forgotten Wisdom Productions

Guerra Total & Metalucifer

This untitled split album compiles previously released yet, sometimes, hard-to-get material from two cult-acts within the world of Thrash-Heavy-Fucking-Metal Violence. There’s Guerra Total at the one hand, a total-war horde from the capital of Colombia, and Metalucifer at the other, once started as a side-project for Japan’s finest Sabbat.


About three years after their debut Psymbolic, Australia’s Lustration torture mankind once again, this time under the banner of Jesus Bethlemitus Maledictus. With the knowledge that ‘essentially, Earth is a lost cause’ (and who am I to argue / disargue [I know this word does not exist – until now!]), the four-piece did record this sophomore album at their home city’s MKH Studio (Brisbane, for your interest), with mix and mastering done at Temple Of Spinecode Studio.


Vilifier are an Australian combo, formed in Brisbane, Queensland in 2011 by members of e.g. Chemical Cascades, Kingdom Of Decay, Demonreich and Lustration. With the latter, for your information, Vilifier had a split-tape in the recent past (released via Supremacy Through Intolerance, a label that mainly releases material on cassette, by the way).

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