Defiance Of Decease

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015
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Hailing from the city of Tcherkessk, close to the Georgian border, the Russian band Defiance Of Decease were formed in 2007. But if I’m not mistaken they did not release anything official until now. Suicide is this band’s first full length album, recorded, mixed and mastered at the Darknagar Records studio, and now available via Narcoleptica Prod. on both CD and tape. The result consists of eight tracks that last for thirty-nine minutes.

The band brings something quite integer, even introvert, mingling elements from Doom Metal, Groove-Death Metal, Alternative Ambient Rock and Post-Rock, with a huge dose of variation in structure and execution. I am afraid the variety might be an overdose, from time to time, missing the necessary ‘glue’, the needful cohesion. Yet then again, Defiance Of Decease are able to surprise with moments, and this through quite diverse elements. Sometimes some faster excerpts really convince with strength and persuasion, then again a rather quiet piece focuses on introspection.

Suicide is extremely catchy, like an easy-listening experience that includes all acceptable nuances and low-profiled characteristics. And at the same time this album is quite complex, even incoherent, and that too is a ‘problem’ to my concern. There are so many great ideas going on, but the execution of those truly is beneath acceptance. I wonder whether the result is meant for a childish audience or an adult one. I know that I’m quite hard, but admit…

No further comment, this is a missed chance…