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Veneror are a project from Italy that debuts with Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte via Dutch label New Era Productions. The trio brings, with this studio release, a personal and timeless form of melodic Underground Black Metal with a grim, occult atmosphere and an eerie, freezing sound. An Italian band indeed… (I cannot, and will not, ignore my passion for the Italian scene). First the artwork: what a great cover design!

Polluted Inheritance

As you might know, it wasn’t only Germany, Sweden and the U.S. that were ‘big’ during the earliest era of the Death Metal scene. Without any doubt, the Netherlands were of undeniable importance back then, and without the Dutch scene, the current Death Metal scene wouldn’t have developed the way it finally did.


Italian five-piece Nude were formed by two Metal artists, former Undertakers bass player Antonio Pucciarelli and guitarist Fabio Calluori (of Electrocution / From Depths and Heimdall-fame), and (unknown to me) vocalist Tom Capuano (aka Tommy Box) in order to express their passion for something completely different from Rock or Metal: Electro / Goth Rock / New Wave stuff.


Necrocurse were originally formed in 2004, but it took until 2009 before they really became a serious entity, when the line-up was sort of perfected. One might call Necrocurse a super-band for the members are or were active in a couple of highly acclaimed bands: vocalist Per ‘Hellbutcher’ Gustavsson of Nifelheim-fame, drummer Nicklas ‘Terror’ Rudolfsson, the guy behind Runemagick and The Funeral Orchestra (and formerly involved with e.g.

Jess And The Ancient Ones

Jess And The Ancient Ones are a rather unusual formation, seen from a musical point of view, even though they do fit perfectly to Svart’s roster. On May 23rd 2012 the band debuted with a nameless (self-called) full length (review: see Archives Section, update 09/12/12). Apparently there was a split-EP with Deadmask through Doomentia, but I haven’t heard this material, so I can’t say anything about it.


Aussie veterans Vomitor are back (again) with another bloody excerpt of gore and death! This time it’s the ultimate escalation of Old School nastiness, but so it has always been the case, or am I mistaken? Don’t expect a renewing album, for this band has never given in to trends or popularity contests (mind the friendly people from down under, will you), but nobody wants Vomitor doing something else but the thing they’re good at: thrashing the listener down with barbaric, primal Death / Thrash / Black / Speed / Grind Terror from the Old School.

Six Feet Under

Unborn is the tenth full length studio album by Six Feet Under, in mean time, and it sounds as if these guys have the virility of a teenager. Experience pays, you see.

For a discography or history, I’d like to refer to the web for I’m too lazy right now. …had an extremely busy week, you see.

Rings Of Saturn

I’m not sure if I have to scream out loud: ‘help’, or is it ‘hurray’, but Dingir, the second Rings Of Saturn album, goes on in the very same vein of the debut Embryonic Anomaly.


One might not believe it, but there is a very vivid Metal scene at the Philippine islands. That’s the case right now, and it was the case twenty years ago. Unfortunately the scene from that part of our wonderful planet isn’t known at all in our regions, except for underground-traders.


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