Ivan Tibos.

Epitome Of Frail

Germany’s Epitome Of Frail were formed more than a decade ago. Throughout the past eleven years, the guys recorded a handful of recordings that did not really reach a proper audience. Nevertheless, Epitome Of Frail were able to play lots of shows in their home country with major acts like Hatebreed, Napalm Death, All Shall Perish, Fall Of Serenity or The Black Dahlia Murder.

Alter Self

Alter Self were formed more than five years in Athens, Greece, but in mean time there wasn’t but an official EP (2009’s Ashes Over Eden) to please some thrasheads’ hearing organs. It mainly has to do with obliged military service (WTF, does it still exist in current society? Another pathetic proof of our useless mankind…).


As appetizer: check out the reviews (professionally and grimly) done for this splendid website in our archives section for Aeon’s former releases.

Repulsive Aggression

Norwegian act Repulsive Aggression was formed almost five years ago by some Svarttjern-members (guitar player Saether and grunter Holter), with assistance of drummer Nødset (Frail Grounds). They did record a three-track demo a couple of years ago, which drew attention of Schwarzdorn from Germany, resulting in the current contract.


First discussion: full length or mini? Nearly thirty minutes, not fully.

Second discussion, and much more important: what to think about this material? The band consists of highly experienced musicians (Mark Riddick, Brian Forman and Matt Pike), so the expectations are high. Is it satisfying, does it fulfil one’s morbid nightmares?

High Priest Of Saturn

Svart Records holds especially Finnish acts on its roster, yet there are a couple of exceptions. This goes, for example, for High Priest Of Saturn. This band hails from Trondheim, Norway, and consists of three permanent members: Merethe Heggset, Martin Sivertsen and Andreas Hagen.

Dark Salvation

The number of Metal bands that I do know from Liechtenstein, a country sweetly floating in between Switzerland and Austria, is very limited, especially when it comes to ‘my kind’ of Metal. There are a couple of acts I do like within the Dark Goth / Ambient / Classical genre (WeltenBrand and the likes), and we do / did have bands / projects like Elis / Erben Der Schöpfung, but when it comes to Death / Black / Funeral Doom / … material, this country remains quasi-virginal. Liechtenstein isn’t but a very small country, of course.

Milking The Goatmachine

I did have the goated honour to review Milking The Goatmachine’s former releases Back From The Goats, Seven… A Dinner For One, and Clockwork Udder (see this wonderful site’s archive section in case you do goatly care), and now our pretty website’s boss grants me with this crazy combo’s newest play, Stallzeit. Time to go to bed, dear goats, but not without those sweet lullabies during bedtime-porridge!


I have to admit: I’ve never been a ‘fan’ of this Dutch band. Holland is known for its huge so-called ‘female fronted’ scene, i.e. Gothic, Symphonic or Epic oriented (Heavy) Metal with a female singer, and more than once this country exceeds the international colleagues / competitors easily. In many cases, the Netherlands indeed are spectacular country (I won’t start enlist a selection of bands, because whatever…), but La-Ventura did never please my ear drums or grey cells at all (cf. a full length and an EP during the first decennium of this century).


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