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German warriors Asenblut return with their second full length studio album, after 2009’s Aufbruch. In promotion to that debut release, the band played on many festivals, such as Heidensturm, Metalfest and R.U.D.E. A short while ago, the quartet (Claus, Tetzel, Phil and Balrogh) entered the famous Stage One Studio with one of the most experienced producers, Andy Classen, who gave this record an organic and energetic sound.


Swedish band Zombiefication was formed in … oops, they are not from Sweden?!!!? Zombiefication hail from Mexico and consist of members from e.g. Inhearted, Majestic Downfall and Dies Irae (the Mexican one for sure).

The Moth Gatherer

This is my first acquaintance with The Moth Gatherer, but I’m pretty sure it’s your first time as well. As a matter of fact, A Bright Celestial Light is the first official (full length) release by this Swedish combo.


Principles Of Chaos isn’t but the debut album by Greek outfit Shadowcraft, even though the band was formed eight years ago. Shadowcraft recorded two demos during the early years, and a promo in 2009, but this first full length shows the band in its most matured, professionalised expression.


Canada is one of those countries with more than one single official language, i.e. English and French. Since most bands from all over the world have their lyrics in English, I have a passion for those who dare to use their mother tongue. Especially in Germany and Poland that’s the case, but I guess all existing languages have been used in mean time.


Groteskh hail from Austria and consist of (current and former) members of bands like Hellsaw, Irdorath, Obscure and Vomition. They did record this debut with Mario Lochert (Emergency Gate) at Munich’s Dreamsound Studio.


Drones Of The Awakening is the first Eyeconoclast-album with new vocalist Giuseppe Di Giorgio, whom you might know from his collaboration with Black Therapy.


Norway has always been one of my elected countries when it comes to so-called Nordic-styled Black Metal, of course, yet also when talking about whipping, possessing Traditional Folk Music. I’m not only referring to, for example, some of the project done by Black Metal artists (like Darkthrone, Satyricon, Windir with a couple of folkish side-projects), even though, when introducing this band, I have to refer to the Norwegian Black Metal scene as well.


The first part of a trilogy by legendary Californian act Von. Fifty-five minutes of icy, painful, misanthropic and desolate Aural Darkness.


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