Ivan Tibos.


Essence’s history starts in 2005, when some very young friends from Denmark wanted to play Thrash in the Teutonic vein. They recorded an EP in 2007 (Art In Imperfection) and they officially debuted with the 2011-full length Lost In Violence in 2011. Indeed, when it comes to the choice of titles they still had / have to evolve, yet when it comes to the song writing and performance, well… Essence do sound as if they’re active for a decade!


The German trio (Kaelt-v,g; Harvest-v,b; and Naavl-d) Vargsheim returns with Erleuchtung, which lasts for about fifty minutes. The three current members play together in Vargsheim for many years, and a result is the perfect balance of each of them in their rather unique, unconventional Music.

October Falls

October Falls were once formed as an acoustic Folk-project by Mikko Lehto. The first releases were rather traditional / classical in approach, but throughout the years the project did introduce elements from Metal in general, and Black Pagan Metal more specifically.

Euphoric Defilement

Since Unique Leader Records are known as one of the most important labels when it comes to ultra-brutal Death Metal releases, fans of this genre really need to check out the debut by Los Angeles-based act Euphoric Defilement!

Dead Awaken

Sweden’s Dead Awaken were formed in early 2002 as a quartet. Throughout the years, the band recorded and self-released a handful of demonstrational stuff (Death Before Dishonour, 2002; Instrument Of War, 2003; ..Tomorrow We Die.., 2004; Scar Graced Earth, 2006; and The Noble Art Of Agitation, 2008) and they were able to play at interesting local gigs, but the band’s popularity remained limited to their home country.

Crest Of Darkness

This is one of those bands with its lows and its heights. I am glad that the lows were situated in the band’s past, while the positive evolution, once initiated at the beginning of this century, did not shrink away.


Formed in 2008 in Denmark, Cerekloth recorded two fantastic EP’s, Pandemonium Prayers and Halo Of Syringes, respectively in 2008 and 2011, both of them released through Hells Headbangers. And like most Hells Headbangers stuff, I did really like this material.

Bone Sickness

After the recording of a demo and an EP (released via Detest Records), Olympia, WA-based Bone Sickness entered the studio to record seven new songs, to be released on vinyl and digital download.


Arroganz are a pretty young German band (trio) with two highly respected releases before (Burning Souls, EP 2010, and Dark And Deathless, 2011). Besides, the band performed on different festivals with bands like Demonical and Dark Funeral, and especially in their (chauvinistic) home country, they reached a status of high-acceptance.


Veneror are a project from Italy that debuts with Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte via Dutch label New Era Productions. The trio brings, with this studio release, a personal and timeless form of melodic Underground Black Metal with a grim, occult atmosphere and an eerie, freezing sound. An Italian band indeed… (I cannot, and will not, ignore my passion for the Italian scene). First the artwork: what a great cover design!


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