Ivan Tibos.


Acherontas are a project from Greece, once formed as Worship by a guy called V. P. AcherontaSS. After a short while, Worship became Stutthof, and finally the project continued under the current moniker.


Hell? Welcome!

This project is a solo-outfit by someone called M.S.W., and under the Hell-moniker, he recorded two full lengths, all of them released on cassette format only. This third one, ingeniously called III, will be released on vinyl as well, albeit in a very limited edition of 472 copies only.

Hate Meditation

Once formed as a temporary side-project, Blake ‘Azentrius’ Judd’s Hate Meditation was supposed to be a tribute outlet to bands like Blasphemy, Von, Profanatica and Beherit. There was a three-track demo in the first half of last decennium, but then things went silent.

Battle Dagorath

After Eternal Throne (2008) and Ancient Wraith (2011) (both released via Cold Dimensions), Californian misanthropists Battle Dagorath return with a new epos, this time lasting for one hundred minutes! Indeed, you’re reading well; this new album lasts for an eternity.

Since I am a huge fan of the band (and by the way, multi-talented musician Christoph ‘Vinterriket’ Ziegler did perform the keyboard parts again), this isn’t but a wet dream.


I never thought Norwegian top-act Aeternus would ever record some new stuff for frontman Ronny ‘Ares’ Hovland is involved with several other bands (mainly as live or session musician), but never start desponding, that’s the evil message!


For about two decades and a half, Immolation can be considered one of the most important names when it comes to technical Death Metal. Throughout the years, these guys created a very specific sound, which did, and still does, influence the international (not only the American) scene. Even though the many albums do differ a little from each other, the band’s self-developed identity characterizes the essential importance of their existence, and with this new album they even step further to prove the undeniable importance of their raison d’être.


Nocturne hail from Chicago, Illinois, U.S. of A., and it is a solo-project by Dan Klein, who did record everything, instruments and vocals. The debut is called Ave Noctem and lasts for forty five minutes.

Cultes Des Ghoules

Those who do follow, and appreciate, this Polish act will not be disappointed by Henbane, the newest opus of Cultes Des Ghoules. The band did release several vinyl recordings in the past, as well as a fabulous debut full length (Haxan, which was re-released by Hells Headbangers during spring 2011; see the update in our beloved Concreteweb’s Archives section on July 21st 2011).

Victims Of Creation

The origins of Maltese act Victims Of Creation go back to the early nineties, but except for some local ‘popularity’, this band wasn’t of any importance. However, it was a pity because Victims Of Creation did have some potential. After a couple of years, the band was put to rest, but when the remaining original members Rex and Dino started jamming again with AJ Burn (who was, by the way, their colleague in another band, Lithomancy), the band was sort of reborn.


Lychgate are a new project, but it can be considered a continuation of Archaicus, a solo outfit by Englishman J.R.Y. Vortigern. This guy was also involved with another great act, Spearhead (he used to be this band’s drummer up to 2010), and some might know him from his collaboration with Macabre Omen’s Alexandros (aka Evil Dark aka I) in The One (for the purists: this Greek, Alexandros Antoniou, now resides in the U.K.


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