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Order Of The White Hand

Aki Klemm is one of the most active guys within the (current) Finnish (Black) Metal scene. Not only he owns the Patologian Laboratorio Productions and the Patologian Laboratorio Studio, but he’s active in several band and projects too: Grimirg, Oath, Lathspell, Hautakammio, Seal Of Beleth, and some others.

Into Coffin

Into Coffin are a three piece from Marburg, Germany, formed in 2015 when Death / Crust act Infuria (they actually originate from Italy) got into line-up troubles. After a demonstrational recording in 2015, the band did record five tracks, which got gathered under the banner of Into A Pyramid Of Doom. It gets released on pro-tape in an edition of 150 copies via Caligari Records, but there is a CD-edition as well, released by Terror From Hell Records.


I was hesitating – would I write a short essay on the ‘Eurasian’ current or not… But in order to comprehend the philosophy behind TSIDMZ’s concept, it would be a missed chance not to do so. So here it is. The Eurasian ideas, as being related to an anti-capitalistic conviction, were born almost a century ago, trying to focus once again on the human being as existing like an entity of flesh and spirit, rather than being a part of an economic, world-dominative and fake-democratic mechanical construction.

Negative Voice

Almost three years after the debut Infinite Dissonance (initially digitally released, and put on CD one year later; released via Finland’s Inverse Records), Russia’s Negative Voice return with their second official full length studio album, Cold Redrafted.

Nocturnal Amentia

Quite an active act from Ukraine is Nocturnal Amentia, formed at the beginning of this century in the Lugansk area. The band released four full albums in mean time (the last one being released a couple of months ago via Cold Breath Of Silence), and they contributed on two splits; one with UK’s Black Grave, and another one with fellow countrymen of Underdark (sharing a member, by the way [*]).


I have to be honest, but I hadn’t heard of Inwolves before. This project seems to be an outfit of Karen Willems, whom you might know from her collaboration and inwolvement, sorry, involvement with e.g. Dirk Serries, Zita Swoon and Yuko. And apparently there was an album before under this moniker, released in early 2014 (Air+), both as digital download and on vinyl.

various artists

After Russian Death Metal and Russian Death Metal vol. 2, we can finally enjoy Russian Death Metal vol. 3, indeed the third volume with nothing but Russian Death Metal. I guess the smartest ones amongst you were aware of that; but just to make sure you’re perfectly informed, it’s my pleasure to make sure you’re with me… You’re welcome…

Black Command

Black Command are a (young) formation, hailing from the tropical shores of The Netherlands. The band was formed in 2012 by Morte Noire members, but I do not think we can consider Black Command as a side-project of Morte Noire.

God Mother / Artemis

Another split 7”EP by WOOAAARGH, another opportunity for fans of the extreme… Check this out!

This untitled vinyl disc gets released in an edition of 240 ‘doom black’ copies and 240 transparent ones green mixed with black. Both bands come with a couple of new songs, following the legacy of acts like Converge – but I’m going too fast right now (influenced by this sonic shit?)…


Brazilian trio Maldição are, to my knowledge, quite a young band, and there is not much I know about them. Pat from mighty Avitas or Kabexnuv (and Bud Metal Records) told me this stuff was too interesting to ignore, and he did refer to this release specifically (thanks pal for this opportunity!).


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