Until September

This German Metalcore sextet from the small village of Kevelaer (situated near the Dutch border, at about 25 km North of Venlo) was founded in September 2009 by singers Maik Krause and Christopher Küppers, guitarists Boris Smolorz and Jos Ingenpass, bassist Johannes van Berlo and drummer Thorsten Schad, and so prolific and well in-tune with each other were the youngsters, that by Spring 2010 they already self-released their debut EP My Last Seconds.


This Köln based German Indie Punk Rock act [not to be confused by the '90s German Power Metal band (left us only demos in 1991 and 1994), or one of the other acts by that name : the now defunkt Thrash/ Power Metal band from Alaska (founded in 1996, they left us a 2000 demo and have since disappeared), or the still existing Dutch Death Metal outfit (founded in 2004, they have so far a 2006 demo and a self-titled 2000 full-length) and the Doom/ Thrash/ Stoner act from New Zealand (who released a self-titled full-length in 2012)] was founded in late 2012 by 4 childhood friends whom, in spite o

Zero Mentality

Darn...I could've sworn I'd come across this Hagen (Ruhrstadt) based German Metallic Hardcore band before, but I was mistaken...probably came across 'em while updating the tour dates section of the website, I guess!


There's not really a lot I can tell you about this Mönchengladbach based Pop punk quintet, except that apparently singer Lucas Braun, guitarists Bnedikt Ricken and Lukas Andrzejewski, bassist Moritz Mewes and drummer Yannick Vievers have been playing together since their teenager years, and thus strengthened the bonds of friendship which already brought them together on the common ground of musical preferences.

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