Dark Odyssey Records


I recently posted a review on Lamaštu, a stunning and magisterial collaborative work of Alessio Antoni aka Neraterræ and Mattia Giovanni Accinni aka Chaigidel (link: see below). But the Chaigidel project created another interesting adventure about four years ago at the moment of this writing, with the working title Entrails Of The Earth.


Hold hands and take a journey into loneliness and despair. We have all been there, we just put the soundtrack together to your terror. Welcome to a place of warmth and tears.


A short one, for it deals with a re-release; yet one that surely deserves some additional support…

For some unexplainable reason, I just noticed that I did not finish and publish my review for The Baring Teeth, Dev-I-Ant’s debut for Raubbau. I will soon make it up with a review for A Place Of Warmth And Tears. Yet until then, first this: my thoughts on 2020’s Progression Of The Wolf.

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